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Dried Pears


Pears are very easy, although messier than say apples, to dry. As soon as they ripen (the color of ripeness does depend on the variety), wash the pears, then peel a few at a time.

Fill a large mixing bowl with the juice of one lemon (strained of seeds) and 6 to 8 cups of water.

Quarter the pears, pare out the core, then slice up. As you work add the slices to the lemon water till you are done.

Line your dehydrator trays with mesh inserts if you have them. Either drain the pears or scoop with fingers and let drain before placing on the trays. Make sure none of the pieces are touching or on top each other.

Dry at 135° till they break – they will still be soft though, not brittle. How many hours? It depends on thickness, pear variety and humidity. Mine took all day.

Store in tightly sealed containers, preferably glass (Mine are temporarily in a bag till I get more jars).


In the first week or so, shake the container daily so the fruit doesn’t stick together, this spreads any remaining moisture around.