Butcher Box Review

We had a chance to check out The Butcher Box recently: A monthly subscription to quality 100% grass-fed beef, and also choices that include heritage pork, and organic/pastured chicken.


While we don’t eat a lot of meat, I try to buy quality over quantity, for my family. With our youngest son’s severe food allergies, I read up carefully on everything we purchase – including meat. It isn’t something most think about, but meat in a grocery store isn’t always just meat! It is scary what is added to plump up chicken, or tenderize it. I don’t want that. I want it with a very short ingredient list, and to know the animals ate a better diet as well. And with how we cook, with meat as an ingredient and compliment, the portion sizes work well for us.

The monthly box starts at $129, and contains 7 to 10 pounds meat. If you know your prices per pound at your local grocery store and do the math, this comes out very comparable, and often less. In many places it is hard to even find grass-fed beef for sale.  The packaging itself was very well done. It is shipped in a cooler, with dry ice. My box was in transit for 3 days, and was so cold when opening, I had to go get my Oven Glove to handle it. There was still half a bag of dry ice inside. The meat is individually sealed, with the air pulled out, and frozen. I found it very easy to thaw: either leave in the refrigerator overnight, or do a quick thaw in a sink of cold water.


The thinly cut steak included was a favorite. It worked perfectly in a stir fry, and cooked up in a snap. I fried it in coconut oil, set it aside, stir fried the vegetables, then added it back in. Dinner was ready in the time it took to cook up a pot of Jasmine rice.

One thing I really, really loved was this package of Pederson’s Uncured No Sugar Added Smoked Bacon. Bacon doesn’t need to be sweetened! It was so delicious.


If you are looking for an easy way to buy cleaner meat, without the need to buy ¼ of a cow, or a chest deep freezer on hand, this is a wonderful addition to your monthly meal planning. It also would be an awesome gift to gift (they have a great deal on gifts!) during the holidays.

FTC Disclaimer: We received product in exchange for potential review. All views are ours.