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Cooking When The Power Goes Out

I shouldn’t whine too loudly, it isn’t often here that the power goes down. Our lines are buried. Having lived on an island where the winds howled for months and not a single line was buried, power went out often. Last weekend we had a good wind storm, and the power had to be turned off across much of town, to remove a tree on a major line. So instead of a week without power…it was you know….half the day. It happened of course as I was nearly done cooking lunch. So Kirk stepped up and brought in my favorite car camping gear to get me through.

We have a Coleman FyreSergeant HyperFlame 3-in-1 Propane Camp Stove, which can handle even my large kitchen pots. We took it outside, in a sheltered area, and finished lunch. We keep in bins our outdoor cooking gear, one bin is “car camping”, that has everything we need for cooking meals when the power is down, or we travel. The pots are bigger than the ones I keep in the backpacking bins.

I was feeling out of sorts on Sunday morning, which within a few hours would end up with me having Influenza this past week. I had been just about to turn on the blender to make a blueberry shake when poof went the power. Kirk was not to be thwarted! He took the blender out on the back deck and plugged it into the 2000 watt power inverter, that is connected to the deep cycle batteries, and a minute later my throat was loving me.

Solar power is your friend!

It’s always good to be prepared, and use power outages to make sure your skills are ready.