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March In The Garden

March this year was an odd one. Maybe because it was like a real March, from the past, and not the unusual weather of the past decade. It started off with snow….this was the first winter in the past few years to be both cold and snowy. The month in general was chilly and wet. With a little warm weather tossed in. However, the trees and perennial plants were 2 to 4 weeks behind schedule, and many trees won’t open their blooms until April this year.

New blooms on the Washington Navel Orange tree in the greenhouse. As the month went on, if we had a clear day, I would need to vent it, and we started seeing native Bumblebees coming in, to dance on all the citrus trees. I love having them stop by.

The tomatoes started pushing up:

Black Cumin, a herb I hadn’t grown before.

One huge downside is we lost bees. It was very depressing to finally crack open the hives and discover that. We think part of the issue was they simply got too cold. The hives were in a shaded area that didn’t see any sunlight from October to second week of March.

However, at least the combs can be used for the new bees this year. We broke down the hive and froze all the frames. We will then let the new bees clean the frames to help them get established. Still sucks, but that is the learning curve of bees. It isn’t simple or easy to have them around.

They do leave some good things though.

The first Rhubarb plant to come up for the year:

The Blueberry bushes started putting on their buds. Some are faster than others, depending on the type.

Crabapple Tree starting to unfurl its leaves.

Cherry tree:

A tiny feather I found in branches I was cleaning up:

The Crabapple Tree starting its opening:

It isn’t Spring till the first Dandelion opens.

The Red Onions I planted in the greenhouse, back in October, I set outside to harden off at the start of the month, then planted them third week of the month. I had to give the tops a trim, as they had gotten very long due to the grow lights. However they seem to be doing well in the ground.

Black Vernis:

Red Zebra:

Blue Cream:

Green Zebra:

A couple teenage girls were out handing out flowers while walking around – and gave my husband one to plant. Alistaire was thrilled to call it his.

In the third week, the third and fourth Rhubarb plants came up.

And then…Spring finally came in the last few days of the month! The Sour Cherry Tree started its blossoms.

The Spring Plow Box came:

Make-Your-Own-Potting-Soil. That was fun!

Messy and fun!

Indian Plum blooms…and with that…I declare Spring is finally here. Which, if you’ve read the articles about our lack of sun this year……Vitamin D is in order today. It’s sunny, and the farm work is calling!