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Farm Tool Review: Rogue Hoes

What’s the first tools I go for in the fight against weeds? Rogue Hoes.

6″ Garden Hoe

5.5″ Field Hoe

When Kirk ordered me these last year, I pretty much rolled my eyes, thinking “how can these be any different from other hoes?” So many tools sold in big box stores fall apart now in a few days, if you use them for actual farm chores! So to say I had no confidence in these was truthful. That changed quickly enough though. A year later, they look the same. I keep them in the green house, so I can grab them as needed – and catch the weeds before they get bad.


  • The hoe itself – you probably won’t have used one so solid and well crafted before
  • Solid handles. Ash wood (some come in a fiberglass option as well) that can be sanded and re-oiled easily. Some tools have length options as well.
  • The collar part that fixes it to the handle is solid. No flimsy screws.
  • Made in the USA by a small company.
  • Made from recycled agricultural disc blades.

The only upkeep has been to sand and apply linseed oil to the handles. It’s actually made weeding slightly less than sheer drudgery….