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Gear Review: Coffee Wick Firestarters

In the PNW, if one wants to start a roaring fire in the end of December, it is helpful to have fire starting tricks on hand. Especially if one is using wet wood to light, which is pretty much all wood on the western side of the Cascade Mountains. I know how to start a fire but if I can make it easier? It makes my time with my boys so much more fun if the fire gets going fast, rather than twiddling with it.

Coffee Wick sent us some samples recently, and with a cold stretch over the Winter Solstice, it called for a roaring fire to celebrate it.

Most of the property never came out of the shade today. It was chilly!

They make both fire starters and candles – out of soy wax and coffee grounds. The candle is very nice in the kitchen.

The fire starters come in a paper cup with a wick, and each 2 ounce cup stays lit for 30 minutes.

It is so uncomplicated: Get your fire ready, place the fire starter, and light it as a candle. Then sit back as it takes off.

It gives just the boost of energy for any damp wood to dry out enough to start burning. Within 20 minutes we had a roaring fire, and a bunch of happy kids – who were waiting on the promised weenie roast & s’mores marathon over said fire….

I’d have to say that with the wick added, this was the easiest fire starter I have tried.

FTC Disclaimer: We received review samples for potential review.