Limited Summer Run For 2018 Strawberry Plants

With moving our farm, and learning the new micro-climate, we were not sure if we’d have our heritage strawberry plants for sale in 2018. However, the answer is yes, we do! Our plants are ready for sale, and ready to be planted into your garden. They are just starting to put on the first flowers, but will produce a crop in late summer through fall as well. We have four varieties for sale this summer, all are ever-bearing and don’t produce runners (they grow into a bush-style). They last for many years, and can be split into more plants every spring by digging up (similar to chives for example).

Plants are fully hardened off to the outdoors, and come in a 1-gallon pot. $5.00 each. Local pick-up only in Freeland (no shipping). I have included a buy button on each page, however we also take cash and cards in person if you like. Contact us through the contact page if you’d like to pick up any.

Baron Von Solemacher


White Soul

Yellow Wonder