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Long Term Storage Prepping Meals In A Jar

If one has meals, ready to be mixed with hot water, sitting prepped in their pantry, it removes a lot of stress about prepping for storms and natural disasters. The concept is easy: Using recipes I developed for backpacking, but made bigger for families (serving 4+), each meal fits into a quart or 2 quart mason jar. Easy to pull together, these meals can sit on the shelf for a year (or more) until you need them (longer if you put any dairy items into small bags on top of the vegetables and carbs). All you need is the ability to boil water and 15 minutes for rehydration. And then enjoy a warm and comforting meal, with minimal cleanup. Not only does it allow a family to eat a hearty meal, but it uses a LOT less water and fuel than conventional. During times with no power, using fewer resources is a good thing.

A few resources for items we call for:

  • Dried vegetable blend is a go-to must. Dry your own at home, or buy it. Either way, it’s easy to scoop and use.
  • Coconut milk powder. It’s high in fat, calories and taste. Use it in most recipes calling for dry milk powder.
  • Olive oil packets. Yes, you can free pour from a large container (no need to measure!), but if you want your meals truly portable, buy some packets and keep them on hand – and tucked into the mason jars.
  • Single serving packets. Minimus has a world waiting for you. We have ordered from them many times over the years, and they do their job well. Having pre-measured and sealed packets is great for prepping meal kits.
  • Vacuum sealers for mason jars. Pull the air out, and your dried food stays fresher a lot longer. They come in both regular and wide mouth styles, and go over the mason jar lid to pull the air out. You can quickly seal a row of jars full of dry goods (not for canning, but for dry food storage it is a game changer!)

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