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In Your Face Morning Mocha

You can have a long-term pantry full of dry products, but you also need to go through them on a steady rate, so you don’t waste them. This is a key rule of prepping! But while it can be easy to buy vast quantities, knowing how to use them isn’t so easy.

This easy to whip up dry mix comes from our book Trail Cooking: Trail Food Made Gourmet, on page 24. It’s a tasty way to wake up in the morning, wether or not you actually need to use your emergency supplies.

In Your Face Morning Mochas



Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Bag the powder into ½ cup portions, either in snack size zip top bags or in small mason jars.

2 Tbsp of espresso powder will provide a sweet mocha flavor. 4 Tbsp will give you the “bite” of a double shot.

To prepare:

Add 1 cup boiling water slowly to the mix, stirring well. Sip away and wake up!

Makes 5 to 6 servings.