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Herb Plants Spring 2019

We will be offering many herb plants for sale this Spring on the farm. From culinary herbs, diced or torn into meals, to medicinal herbs used in teas and potions by herbalists, our greenhouse is full of herb plants. We sell our plants in 1 gallon containers, rather than 4″ pots, as we want you to be able to enjoy your plants immediately, rather than waiting for them to grow big enough.

Spring may be here (finally), but the nights are still chilly and the plants still have a lot of days to grow stronger in – but we will be selling the plants once the chance of frost is gone. Last frost is typically April 15th on the island, but I am a firm believer to go a few more weeks. First week of May is prime planting season in our local climate.

We will have a detailed list up in a few weeks on the Herbs section.

A few to check out:

Feverfew. It looks like Chamomile in super form, with similar looking white and yellow flowers. However, it is tall, prolific and is used in many recipes by herbalists. Is very hardy and overwinters locally. Pollinators love it and deer leave it alone.

Orange Calendula. Edible flowers, and as dried are used in so much in making salves and more. Very pollinator friendly.

Marshamllow. If you are a practicing herbalist, the roots are what matters.

White Horehound, essential for old school cough drop making.

Sage. Yes, you can find starts most any store. However, our seeds were hand sorted by Sarah and come from amazing lineage. Sage is a dual herb, both medicinal and culinary. Deer don’t usually bother it due to the high oil content.

Helichrysm, the curry plant. The silvery gray blue plant has delicate yellow flowers. It is hardy, deer resistant and pollinator friendly.

Rhaptonic Rhubarb. More a vegetable than an herb, the sourness is something to savor.