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This Year’s Tomato Plants

Along with the herbs and strawberry plants, the tomato plants are growing happily in the greenhouse. Early in the season, I wasn’t sold entirely on growing lots of tomato plants, as I normally do every year. This has more to do with the field not being quite ready for them. But, of course, as soon as Spring came, I got the urge and planted more seeds. We will have plants for sale as usual. We are growing more than these, this is just a teaser!

Black Vernissage is a very pretty indeterminate heirloom tomato, that is considered a cherry size.


One of my favorites, year after year, is the White Cherry. It produces large pale yellow cherry tomatoes that never stop till first frost.

Sweetie. Only a couple made it though the long cold session, but these will be strong plants.

Bush Beefsteak.

Green Vernissage.


Our goal is to have the plants ready, for sale, by end of April/early May, which is the prime time to plant them here on the island.