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September On The Farm

September. The month of rain. That was the theme. It also cooled off very quickly.

No Indian Summer this year. The blue skies opened up and dumped this past month.

It’s true damage was the tomatoes. I had a feeling it would happen this year and I was very proactive on picking tomatoes as soon as they had some color. This meant that while I lost the plants to blight within a two week period, we had a lot of tomatoes to ripen inside.

Jersey Devil tomatoes.

Technically an alpine strawberry, the Tresca’s were huge in early Fall.

Sunsets over the Olympic Mountains.

A Rhaptonic Rhubarb plant I sold in Spring, found in a public bed in Langley, Wa.

Strawberry plants growing fast.

Seed sorting before the rains came.

Onion seed sorting.

One lone flower from 1 of 2 Echinacea plants that made it.

Tresca Strawberry blooms.

End of month strawberries, enjoying a bit of sun.

End of the month we had a wind storm that helped clean the trees out. A little bird nest blew down out of the giant maple tree.

One hornet nest, suddenly dead and empty, being torn up.

Swiss Chard going to seed.