Mid January On The Homestead

The days are getting longer, and the call to be outside has returned in me. As we near having 9 hours of daylight once again, I feel the sun returning. It’s been a wet January so far, with some very heavy storms going thru. And warm, where many days it has reached upper 40’s and even into the mid 50’s.

One set of storms brought a lot rain.

Enough to produce a mini pond. The ducks were so very happy.

So was someone else…..

This one got himself stuck in the mud in the main field.

The warm temperatures has the Thyme blooming.

This kind of weather in January always leaves me nervous, as I watch the buds on the trees.

They are setting up nicely, and lets hope they stay that way for a few more months.

A big project I had to do was plant 2 fruit trees that had been sitting in large pots for a few years. The soil down in the orchard/chicken coop area is very, very hard. Digging isn’t easy. Kirk had the time, and brought the excavator down to dig holes. I had to break down the fencing for him to do it, so it was an all day project. Oh well! Finally done. These two semi-dwarf trees will provide shade in the coming years, but are behind low fence to keep the chickens from digging up the roots. And I got the trees in the ground before the trees came out of being dormant.

The chickens wanted to help while we filled the holes back in….

Tasty worms and bugs, don’t ya know?

The warm weather is bringing the rhubarb up.

Kirk tilled an area I had covered for nearly a year with a sileage tarp. Not sure what will go in, but we will get there. Now to go remove rocks. The ducks were on slug and bug removal for us.

Storms blow out, the sunsets are so pretty over the farm.

The Olympic Mountains, across the water, with the sun setting.

Chillier weather is predicted next week, we shall see if it happens!