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Top Ten Most Read Gardening Posts For 2021

I wrote a lot about farming, homesteading and gardening in 2021. Well, when I had time I did. This year kept me busy on the homestead, with more crops than ever. The most read this year were a mix of 2021 posts and ones from previous years. May this give you some winter reading while you wait for the first signs of spring.

When To Plant Seeds For Grow Zone 8b

The #1 post because if you are hyper local, this was a post to get people going. I wrote it for myself – so I’d have a record on what to do, and when to do it.

Growing Garlic In Zone 8b

We grow amazing garlic on Whidbey Island. Learning to grow it took me a few years to get the how to, but I got there.

What To Plant In Grow Zone 8b In June

I started writing monthly posts when I had time on what to get done by the month. June was a very popular one.

It’s Time For Fall Crop Planting

It was June, but I was trying to get my readers prepped for the long fall.

Growing A Garden In Zone 7 (and 8)

This was an older post, but still popular.

February Garden Tasks and Seed Planting (For Zones 7-8 PNW)

An older post as well, but very popular. February is when the urge to plant hits a lot of us….

February Garden Tasks & What Seeds To Plant

An updated version of the post above from this year.

It’s Not Too Late! What To Plant Now In Grow Zone 8b

People hit May and think they have missed the window to grow – and yet they have so much time left.

March: Garden Tasks and Planning

Spring beckons!

Growing Alpine Strawberry Plants From Seed

Growing alpine strawberries isn’t easy, but isn’t hard to learn how to. It’s very fulfilling to learn!