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March Crops To Plant

As the month of March clips by fast, much of the country is approaching Spring this coming week, Sunday, March 20th this year. The daytime temperatures are warming up for those of us in the Pacific Northwest in the valleys and on the islands in the Salish Sea, we are a month to the last frost date (April 15th) which means it is go time for many items to be seeded for their first seeding outside.

These are crops that like it chillier, especially the greens, they tend to wilt or bolt to seed when it gets over 70° extended. The crisp and juicy greens, the tender spring peas, and such.

A tip? For peas, plant bush peas for a quicker crop. And this is also a good frame for all crops, grow smaller carrots for a quicker harvest. Read the expected dates on the back of the seed packet, choose the variety with the lowest days required.

What To Go Plant:

  • Beets (seeds)
  • Bok Choy (seeds or starts)
  • Broccoli (starts are being sold now)
  • Cabbage (starts are being sold now)
  • Carrots (seeds)
  • Lettuce (seed or starts)
  • Onions (the starts sold at nurseries)
  • Peas (seeds)
  • Potatoes
  • Radishes (seeds)
  • Spinach (seeds)