Thrive Life Spring Sale and More

Tomorrow, April 19th (Tuesday) is the Spring Sale for Thrive Life. To access the sale tomorrow, click here, then on “Shop”, then on “Spring Sale”. Quantities are limited and items will sell out. If you are into food security, you might want to take a look and check it out.

What’s on sale? Check out the flyers and the prices:

Items are available in the Family Can (a #10 size) and the smaller Pantry Cans, which are easy to use for backpacking meals.

If you are doing prepping storage, I highly recommend the dry milk, butter powder and the honey crystals. These add in calories!

And the racks are on sale as well – the prices went up this year due to the cost of steel, so a sale makes it worth grabbing one. We have 2 of the Variety Can System 3 in 1 racks (the ones that hold family, pantry and canned goods). They are well worth the cost for being organized.

The other April special is an offer if you become a consultant in the month:

I became a consultant last year for Thrive Life, not to bring others in, but rather to save money. We buy a lot of freeze-dried food for both personal use, but as well for our work on our TrailCooking site. By becoming a consultant, I get a percentage back on my personal spending, and get chances at items they don’t sell to the public. Which made sense for me, as I spend $100 to 300 a month on building our food security. The consultant kits starts at $100 and are literally freeze-dried food at a good price – which you’d buy anyways – and not a bunch of useless junk. There is no obligation to buy anything more, no monthly buy ins required. In April if you buy an enrollment kit, you will get a $25 voucher coupon to use in May through end of July off any $100 or more order. Discount codes like this are not offered often. The enrollment kits can take a couple weeks to ship (Thrive, like all freeze-dried companies, has been slammed the past 2+ years, the regular orders usually arrive in a week or less, depending on how slammed they are.)


FTC Disclaimer: We receive an affiliate payout on all orders done through our links.