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Whidbey Island Gardening: The Cool Spring

It’s been a cool spring this year. And a wet one, depending on which end of Whidbey Island you live on. We live outside of Freeland, in the Olympic Rainshadow, so we get far less than say Oak Harbor in the far north, or Langley, farther south (it gets quite a bit more as it isn’t in the shadow).

I have been asked multiple times this week “Am I too late to start a garden?”.

No. You are not too late. Even in a normal year this is just the start of the season for planting outside. Take one cool spring, and we are about 2 weeks late. I’m behind in some ways on my land, but I am not worried. Because when I look at the weather predictions…we have time.

Depressing? Pretty much.

And it’s the same for the 3rd and 4th of May as well! In the 50’s daytime, some days in the low 50’s and then in the lower 40’s at night. The ground is still quite chilly.

You have time. Get your plans together, work when it’s not raining. But breathe. The sun will return. It won’t be long.