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Pantry Staples: Freeze Dried Honey Butter In A Jar

Combining two freeze-dried ingredients lets you have a delicious spread in minutes. It can be mixed up and stored in a glass mason jar for long-term storage. Honey crystals are worth picking up, they melt quickly into recipes and are handy for tea and such. Now, do know that honey crystals are not normally just honey, they do have to use sugar syrup in it so it freeze-drys properly. It’s worth the space in your prepper/pantry supply as it lasts a very long time.

You can find the ingredients on Amazon easily as well: Butter Powder and Honey Crystals.

Honey Butter prepped to serve.

Honey Butter



Add the ingredients to a 12 ounce mason jar. Seal tightly and shake to combine. Store until needed.

To prepare:

Add 2 Tablespoons cool water slowly, stirring gently (the butter powder will poof if you stir too fast). Keep stirring until the powders become smooth. It will become about half the amount when prepared, than when powder. We transferred ours to a 4-ounce mason jar, which the butter spread fills perfectly.

Chill till hard, this can take a few hours.

If power is out, chill outside tightly sealed if it is cold. Otherwise, it will be soft serve if prepped in a warm area.

Makes a 4-ounce jar.


If you feel the butter is too soft (and this can depend on the brand of butter powder you use), just stir in a bit more butter powder, till it’s thicker.