Continuing Education

Continuing and further education Sarah (and Kirk) are currently taking, or has taken, and passed, to gain more knowledge in homesteading, herbalist/herbalism, wildcrafting and essential oils.

Classes and certificates on education of Herbalism –

Graduated Introductory Herbal Course from Herbal Academy:

Online Introductory Herbal Course

Graduated Intermediate Herbal Course from Herbal Academy:

Online Intermediate Herbal Course

Herbal Materia Medica Short Course, graduated in 2017.

Enroll now in the Materia Medica Course!

Graduated Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management Course from Herbal Academy:

Enroll in the Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management Course

Graduated The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course from Herbal Academy:

The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course by Herbal Academy

Graduated Botany & Wildcrafting Course in 2018:

Learn how to wildcraft and identify plants confidently in the Botany & Wildcrafting Course!

Graduated Becoming An Herbalist Mini Course 2018. The course is free, the full color journal sold alongside is well worth the cost.

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Classes on education in the use of essential oils –

Introduction To Essential Oils (online class)

Real Essential Oil Education (online class)

Herbal Tinctures for Children Class (online class)

Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management Course from Herbal Academy (covers aromatherapy)

Homesteading & Farming Classes –

Profitable Market Garden Workshop hosted by Curtis Stone, June 2017.