Applesauce Oat Bars

While the snow keeps falling (seriously, I am OK with it being done for the winter!) I was in the house most of the day yesterday baking. I was in the mood to bake old school, and these applesauce oat bars fit that perfectly. Applesauce Oat Bars Ingredients: 3 cups quick-cooking oats 1 cup all-purpose… Continue reading Applesauce Oat Bars

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February On The Farm

If January was unseasonably warm, February came in and reminded the PNW that sometimes winter does come. We went from days in the 50's and balmy nights, that were leading to this in the greenhouse (and to Daffodils opening in January!) - To warnings of snow storms coming. But the past decade the snow storms… Continue reading February On The Farm

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Second Year Strawberry Plants

This month we brought in the second year alpine strawberry plants into the greenhouse, as I was concerned about the potential cold. It was a wise move I feel. Normally we let our plants winter over outside - short freezes are fine, and build hardier plants. However.....extended ones can be hard on plants sitting in… Continue reading Second Year Strawberry Plants


There Is Always A New Idea

It drives my oldest crazy every-time I start a sentence with "So I want to do this...." and he knows that means we will be working all day on one of my farm projects. I suppose the correct method is to actually put in "real" fencing, around the entire field....but that isn't cheap, and it… Continue reading There Is Always A New Idea

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Our Go-To Seed Companies

I have been asked a lot this year about what seed companies we do business with, and who we recommend. Our list of seed companies below contains notes - most are heirloom seed companies, but a few also sell F1 hybrid seeds. I personally have no issues with F1 seeds, you just cannot collect seeds… Continue reading Our Go-To Seed Companies