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Maple Lemonade

Lemonade made with pure maple syrup is a treat to enjoy. Each of the recipes below makes a quart of lemonade, best enjoyed over large glass of ice, sipped slowly. Of course, if you have a sweet tooth you may want the lemonade sweeter. It is not as sweet as commercially made lemonade, and you… Continue reading Maple Lemonade

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In Your Face Morning Mocha

You can have a long-term pantry full of dry products, but you also need to go through them on a steady rate, so you don't waste them. This is a key rule of prepping! But while it can be easy to buy vast quantities, knowing how to use them isn't so easy. This easy to… Continue reading In Your Face Morning Mocha

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Pantry Staples: Rustic Pasta

This very simple rustic pasta recipe has great shelf-life for long-term food storage, and stores up in a mason jar in the pantry, for whenever you need a quick meal. It also works well for camping and backpacking, when you have a family or small group to serve. If taking it camping, just package the… Continue reading Pantry Staples: Rustic Pasta

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Pantry Staples: Instant Pasta In A Jar

Cooking and dehydrating pasta gives you nearly instant pasta - a boon for pantry staples when prepping meals for long-term storage. Get those large mason jars filled and marked - and you will eat well when the power is out. Instant Pasta In A Jar Ingredients: 16 ounces cooked & dehydrated small pasta shapes* 1… Continue reading Pantry Staples: Instant Pasta In A Jar


Pantry Staples: Instant Chocolate Cake In A Mason Jar

Microwave mug cakes have been a hot trend for years, however it's even easier if you make the dry mix in advance. If you get a sugar craving, grab, add in the liquid items, stir, and 70 seconds later you have a warm, melty chocolate cake. The charm of my recipe is I cut back… Continue reading Pantry Staples: Instant Chocolate Cake In A Mason Jar