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Freeze-Dried Salsa: Making and Using It

We love our Harvest Right freeze-dyer and have had it running quite a bit this year. From carrots to pumpkin pie, to noodles and candy, we just love seeing what will freeze-dry in it. We grow a lot of peppers, onions and tomatoes on our homestead, and yearly I water bath can at least 100 pint jars… Continue reading Freeze-Dried Salsa: Making and Using It

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Freeze-drying Cheese

So why freeze-dry cheese shreds?  It’s portable and shelf stable. You can carry cheese and not worry about it going bad. Or going greasy and limp in the heat of summer if you are camping. It melts almost instantly. Just add it your meals, and let it sit on the hot food, or stir it… Continue reading Freeze-drying Cheese

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Freeze-Drying Sliced Celery and Rhubarb

Celery and rhubarb might seem like odd choices to freeze-dry in our Harvest Right Freeze-Dryer. But hear me out here. Both are underrated ingredients to be used. Freeze-dried celery can be crumbled into small dices, and added to many meals for a boost of green. Rhubarb can be made into a tart sauce, to have… Continue reading Freeze-Drying Sliced Celery and Rhubarb

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Eating Local Matters

Sometimes I need a trip to clear my mind. And maybe going on the largest carbon footprint trip of my life really opened my eyes. I traveled somewhere between 18,000 and 19,000 miles by plane and ship to reach the Antarctica Peninsula the past 2 weeks. It was a glorious trip, a life bucket trip.… Continue reading Eating Local Matters

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Instant Pot Apple-Pearsauce

Instant Pot Apple-Pearsauce Ingredients: 3 pounds apples 3 pounds pears 1 cup water ¼ cup bottled lemon juice 2 tsp ground cinnamon sweetener (see recipe) Directions: Wash, dry off and peel, then quarter and core apples, and then chop up. Add the apples, water, and cinnamon to the Instant Pot. Put on cover and seal… Continue reading Instant Pot Apple-Pearsauce