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Hydropod Review

I came across the Hydropod this winter, and picked it up for the boys to use. While they are active with our farm, I prefer to keep them out of the greenhouse in growing season. Just too many precariously placed 1020 trays that can get knocked over. So my feeling was they could enjoy the… Continue reading Hydropod Review

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New Books For Gardening

Spring is on the horizon when the gardening books start showing up on shelves. We have had a number of titles come for review, and with the long nights, I have had a lot more free time to simply read. I love looking for new ideas to try out each spring and I wasn't disappointed… Continue reading New Books For Gardening

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In My Homesteading Book Pile Currently

Kirk and I drove down to Oregon to attend the Mother Earth News Fair this past weekend, and unlike past times, this year I brought books back with me to read. As crazy as it is, I prefer paper copies of books over digital. I like having a permanent copy that I can go back… Continue reading In My Homesteading Book Pile Currently

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Book Review: Home Gardener’s Specialist Guides

Two newly released titles this spring, out for gardening time. Each book is full-color, easy to flip through, and packed with a lot of information. Home Gardener's Annuals: The Complete Guide to Growing 37 Flowers in Your Backyard Flowers. Until we became bee keepers I looked down on annuals. After all, wasn't a berry producer… Continue reading Book Review: Home Gardener’s Specialist Guides

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Grass Roots Meat Box Review and Making Beef Jerky

Grass Roots Meat Box is a monthly subscription box of grass-fed beef, pasture raised poultry and more. You pick what you like and need, and it comes shipped to you monthly. When we eat meat (and we don't eat a lot of it) I am picky with what we buy. However, it can be hard… Continue reading Grass Roots Meat Box Review and Making Beef Jerky