Fresh Sheet

Contact us here for directions to the farm. Cash is preferable, though we are happy to take credit and debit cards, in person, or we can send you an invoice ahead of time to pay. If you would like to purchase anything, please feel free to contact us, and we can arrange a mutal time.

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Langley Farmers Market, Thursdays 2 to 6 pm.

FRESH SHEET Week Of 5/24/2019

Tomato Plants are going FAST. We are down to 25 or so plants left. $5 gallon size.

The first strawberry plants are here – and ready for sale! We have a limited run of Atilla Strawberry plants. They are 2nd year plants, recently upsized to hanging pots. Atilla is the only alpine we grow that produces runners, which are petite and pretty, in the breeze. They can also be used to start more plants, if you wish! These were over wintered for hardiness and will produce berries this spring.

Potted in certified organic soil, and only certified organic fertilizer used, the hanging pots are brand new.

$15 per plant.

Our first rhubarb from seed, Rhapontic. This plant require lots of room, preferably a sunny corner where it can do its thing. It’s deer resistant as a bonus. Stalks edible, don’t eat the leaves. While the plants are small still, they will grow fast this spring. We have 4 plants in our test garden from this batch. First tiny stalks are coming on (which are so cute).

$5 one gallon pot, hardened off.

Borage: Ready to plant in a sunny area where it can sprawl, can grow up to feet high and needs 2 to 4 feet around. Cucumber-flavored fresh leaves are added to salads, cooked, or made into a cooling drink. The blue flowers are used as a garnish – very pretty on salads or floated on drinks. Makes a good honey plant for bees. Also used medicinally. Plants are hardened off.

$5 a plant, in 1 gallon containers. Does best in ground.

Feverfew. Allow ample room for this long blooming herb plant. It grows to over 2 feet tall and needs 2 to 4 feet for sprawl. It will produce new plants, but in a controllable manner (easy to control). Features beautiful 1″ white and yellow flowers throughout summer into the first freeze that look similar to “yard daisies”. In our climate here the plant is a perennial. Odd fact: pollinators don’t like this herb, but then, neither do deer.

$5 a plant, in 1 gallon containers. Does best in ground. Hardened off.

Sage. Will grow to be a large plant, so give lots of room. Can be easily trimmed to keep shapes, and leaves dry quickly for winter use. Produces pretty flowers.

$5 a plant, in 1 gallon containers. Does best in ground. Hardened off.

White Horehound.

$5 a plant, in 1 gallon containers. Hardened off. Will do best planted in the ground.

Marshmallow. Can be kept in pot for the next month or so, then should be upsized to larger pot, or put into ground. Is harvested for its roots.

$5 one gallon pot. Hardened off.