Calendula Salve

Rough skin? Cracked hands? Spend too much time in the garden without gloves on? Our hand and body salve is made with pure oils, and beeswax from our farm. It is a softer salve, apply a little, and rub in. Also great on feet at night, with cotton socks worn.

This is a natural product, and will soften above 70°. In warmer temperatures you may want to store chilled. If it separates, simply stir, then chill to stiffen. If in cold temperatures, apply to skin and it will melt quickly.

Because of the nature of beeswax, the salve may have a dark layer on the bottom, that settles. This is normal! It is a sign your product is from darker beeswax, and not the ultra processed white wax sold commercially.

This salve contains no added scenting, and is a great choice for those with more delicate skin.

Calendula Salve


Calendula, avocado oil, beeswax.