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December In The Garden

December was a month of varying things. Mostly, the garden slept in the cold. But there was plenty still to do. Planning, harvesting, working in the greenhouse, and a very productive month for our store.

The Meyer Lemons were starting to ripen in mid December. Delicious as can be. I actually picked up a second Meyer Lemon Tree at the end of the month.

At the end of the month I harvested 26 lemons, which were like liquid sunshine. Well worth the growing.

Beeswax how it should be – strong in smell, and colors all over the rainbow. We use a lot of it in our products.

In early December we started the demolition of our deck in the back. It’s huge, and falling apart. We worked on it until the weather turned to freezing. For now, it will wait till we get a warming trend. Come Spring, we will figure out how much of the land will become more garden beds.

We had a few short snow falls. Nothing exciting though. Just enough to make walking hard!

I worry about the bees, but I also know there is nothing we can do. If they make it, that is on them.

Downside of freezing temps and heavy snow? Solar panels being useless.

However, in the greenhouse, my strawberry experiment has been amazing. I moved in 1 of each strawberry I grow before the first freeze in late Fall. I have been harvesting strawberries every week! Had I known it would work, I would have moved them all in.

At least the ice and snow gave me a break to moving rocks 😉

Somedays it’s sunny, if cold, and Alistaire runs out to play before school.

Hardy Olive in the cold. I insulate the ground with mulch, but otherwise leave it be in Winter.

Harvest of baby Kale and Broccoli leaves for a salad, grown in the greenhouse, with the help of full spectrum grow lights.

More strawberries.

We added a sampler size of our Hand & Body Salve to the store.

And more Wild Orange Body Scrub.

For the Winter Solstice I made candles to light the night and shared them with friends and neighbors.

We started gift boxes during the holidays, which turned out to be very popular locally! This was the Gardener’s Box.

Honey & Orange Gift Box.

4 Soap Sampler.

And a Raven to watch over our home. January will be a quiet month at first, and then busy getting ready for Spring!