Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

If you checked out the recent bread machine recipe for gluten-free bread, you might have been hoping for an oven version. And do I have it? You bet! If you have been craving a gluten-free sandwich bread this is the recipe. The flavor is mild, and the baking aroma will remind you of wheat bread.… Continue reading Gluten Free Sandwich Bread


Bread Machine Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

One of the hardest projects I have undertaken was to bake gluten-free bread that Alistaire would enjoy. The compost bin has eaten many loaves over the years, as I would dabble, get frustrated and stomp off. What really got me motivated was the price of the Franz white bread loaves going up in price again… Continue reading Bread Machine Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

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New Books For Gardening

Spring is on the horizon when the gardening books start showing up on shelves. We have had a number of titles come for review, and with the long nights, I have had a lot more free time to simply read. I love looking for new ideas to try out each spring and I wasn't disappointed… Continue reading New Books For Gardening


Hoppin’ John with Baked Brown Rice

On dark winter afternoons (when the sun sets at 4:30.....) there is something about hearty soups, served over whole grain carbs to soothe the body. Hoppin' John is a rich soup, infused with bacony goodness and full of vegetables. Hoppin’ John with Baked Brown Rice Ingredients: 5 slices bacon 5 celery sticks, trimmed and thinly… Continue reading Hoppin’ John with Baked Brown Rice


Bacon Pancakes

Walker found a copy of The Geeky Chef Cookbook at the local library and came running in, begging, that I make him the "Inspired By Adventure Time" Bacon Pancakes on page 78-79. The recipe was solid, tasted great and Walker was so happy over it. (Note. I doubled the recipe and that reflects below. If… Continue reading Bacon Pancakes