Grain Free Salsa Meatloaf

One positive thing about our move has been a very distinct lack of delivery and "easy" food options. It has forced me to not be lazy on busy nights, I can't just order teriyaki and have Uber Eats drop it off 20 minutes later. That has helped us flow into a better diet. It's also… Continue reading Grain Free Salsa Meatloaf

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Adding Value To Farm Produce Sales

I was talking with a fellow attendee from last summer's profitable market gardening workshop in Kelowna, B.C., and he asked me how did I add value to sales at our farm this past summer. If you are in an area with a lot of farms, and a lot of the same items for sale, you… Continue reading Adding Value To Farm Produce Sales

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Botany & Wildcrafting Course Review

Have you ever wanted to get into Wildcrafting, but didn't know where to start? Herbal Academy has just released a new course, that for me is simply amazing. With our new property that the farm & homestead is on, I am out nearly daily trying to ID plants. As Spring has finally settled in, every… Continue reading Botany & Wildcrafting Course Review

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April On The Homestead

March was a blur for me. It was buying, selling, and moving homes. I got so little done. But April I started the month overwhelmed, and slowly found my way. It started rainy, and ended rainy. And in the middle we actually had some nice, if very windy, days. It feels odd to leave the… Continue reading April On The Homestead

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Building A New Tomato Bed

When we moved this winter I told myself I could wait. If we had to, I'd skip the spring planting. Does that actually happen? As one can tell from this past month of posts on the blog, the siren call to plant can't be quieted. I may not have my large beds made, but I… Continue reading Building A New Tomato Bed