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Late Summer Potatoes

Just because it is August 3rd doesn't mean you cannot keep planting new crops. You still have many weeks of good warm weather filled with the sun here in the PNW. All of August and often the first 3 weeks of September. If your kitchen or pantry has red, yellow, white, blue potatoes* that look… Continue reading Late Summer Potatoes

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It’s Time To Plan Fall Crops

It's crazy to look at the calendar and see July 21st and think "We need to get planning for fall", but alas, this is the week to get going. If you are in a temperate area, zones 7 to 8, you will want your fall crops in the ground or in seed pots by first… Continue reading It’s Time To Plan Fall Crops


Soda Bread

My Mother In Law passed this recipe on to me, so I could make it for her, while she visits. It is an easy recipe, and unlike many soda bread recipes, isn't dry or crumbly. The added fat helps considerably. It's an hour from start to finish, making it dinner friendly. Soda Bread Ingredients: 225… Continue reading Soda Bread


Oat Banana Bread

If I can make Alistaire a dessert he can eat and he loves, it is a good day. Oat based banana bread can be a heavier bread than its wheat counterpart, but I find I like it more. Prep the bread easily in a high-speed blender with minimal cleanup. It's farming season....and I need easy… Continue reading Oat Banana Bread

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Low Tech Processing Honey Out Of Frames

In our previous home we kept honey bees, and I wrote about our bee keeping often. The winter before we moved to the island, our colonies collapsed due to an attack from predatory yellow jackets. With us busy getting ready to move, and feeling very blue over losing our hives, we took out the frames… Continue reading Low Tech Processing Honey Out Of Frames