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In Ground Versus Hanging Strawberry Plants: A Season of Studying

You might ask...why write about growing strawberries on the last day of September? As fall settles in you have time to ponder, to dream, to plan for the coming early spring. You will find the time goes by faster than you think. So start thinking now! And did the prices of strawberries make you blanch… Continue reading In Ground Versus Hanging Strawberry Plants: A Season of Studying


The Food Forest: Plant Once, Eat Every Year

My version of the "Food Forest" might be different than how other people view it, but in the end, we approach similar goals. A food forest is permaculture concept. And for me, the final part is that I will be able to walk away from it - and do minimal upkeep yearly (pruning, weeding, and… Continue reading The Food Forest: Plant Once, Eat Every Year


Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pudding

I took a classic cooked pudding recipe and made it sugar free. Removal of processed sugar and life gets interesting! In this recipe I used Splenda, and before you say ewwww, well each type of cooking has a different type of sweetener that works best. For pudding and lemon curd? Splenda works best. It dissolves… Continue reading Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pudding

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Sitka Rose Hip Syrup

One of the best roses for creating herbalist recipes with is the Sitka Rose. While its name has one thinking of wild Alaska, it actually grows along the low lands of the PNW well into Washington State and beyond, and grows beautifully. It's a gorgeous bush, and they grow tall along the salt water on… Continue reading Sitka Rose Hip Syrup


Zucchini Cheese Bread

It's mid-September and the summer squashes are still coming in strong. A savory zucchini bread is a great change from the typical zucchini quick bread, that is sweet. Once you try this you might never want a sweet version again. It's rich, slices great and is so much better than biscuits with a bowl of… Continue reading Zucchini Cheese Bread