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Pasta Primavera From The Garden

As Spring nears, my mind wanders to last summer's gardens on the farm. Mid summer brings on the tiredness from working (and the watering!) so it’s a mix of days where dinner is very simple (and late), to where I am inspired by the produce we are harvesting every day. The heat wave this week… Continue reading Pasta Primavera From The Garden

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Letting Random Weeds Grow

I have a few “weeds” I let grow unchecked. For some reason they just don’t bother me, and why not? They co-exist nicely with the plants growing. Maybe a bit of a relaxed attitude, and if they also attract pollinators, so much the better! The first is Blood Sorrel – I saw it growing in an established… Continue reading Letting Random Weeds Grow

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A Season In The Tomato Bed

Tomato season starts early, long before most are even dreaming a ripe juicy slice. In the cold and short months of January and February, the little plants grow in the greenhouse, tucked away from the cold snaps and harsh winds. It gives one hope though, when they open the door into the greenhouse. February 6th:… Continue reading A Season In The Tomato Bed

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An Edible Landscape For Children

When Kirk and I first moved to our first home in Maple Valley, one of the things that drew us out here (in the early 2000’s) was close proximity to the mountains and hiking. It wasn’t farming I can tell you! Our oldest son and I were out hiking 2 to 3 times a week,… Continue reading An Edible Landscape For Children