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Natural Body Care

My latest book is now published: Natural Body Care: Recipes That Soothe The Skin It always feels real once the book is in your hands. This was a wonderful book to write and pull together. It sounds sappy, but this from my heart. It is what I loved doing and being able to share it… Continue reading Natural Body Care

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Mood Lifting Chamomile and Rosemary Room Spray

For the short winter days that are often dreary, so often a mood lifting is needed. A few spritz of chamomile and rosemary room spray, up into the air, can go far to encouraging a brighter mood. Less desire to nap? Maybe, as one day dreams of summer flowers outside. Mood Lifting Chamomile and Rosemary Room Spray… Continue reading Mood Lifting Chamomile and Rosemary Room Spray


Book Review: Self-Sufficiency Handbook

Self-Sufficiency Handbook: Your Complete Guide To A Self-Sufficent Home, Garden, And Kitchen is a newly released book in 2017. The book is written from a British viewpoint, so for American readers, you may need to look up some terms, however it plays across easy enough. The authors Alan and Gill Bridgewater have been at it… Continue reading Book Review: Self-Sufficiency Handbook

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Spiced Hair Oil

If you are a brunette naturally, this hair oil recipe will saturate dried out winter hair. Rosemary is a natural booster for dark hair. Spiced Hair Oil Ingredients: 3 Tbsp olive or fractionated coconut oil 1 tsp dried rosemary 1 tsp ground nutmeg Directions: Add ingredients to a small glass bottle, seal tightly and shake… Continue reading Spiced Hair Oil