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July On The Homestead

July's theme has been sunny and warm, with it starting off with the PNW heat wave of around 100* on our homestead. I was in Alaska for the first bit of the heat wave, and we will most likely lose a couple blueberry plants due to the heat. Those plants were easily missed and right… Continue reading July On The Homestead

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It’s Time For Fall Crop Planting

Last year when I posted about growing fall crops, we were in the midst of the Covid Pandemic, but a year later I will tell you I feel this is so much more important this year. Take the time to do fall crops if you can. Faced with what is happening in our states here… Continue reading It’s Time For Fall Crop Planting


Rural Life For The Win

If you were to listen to the media, rural life is a backwards way of living and outside of Covid, no one wants to live there, or live the life. But I'd say Covid has proved the elitists wrong. People do crave the old ways, even when they don't realize it. And for here, on… Continue reading Rural Life For The Win

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Prepping For Everyday: Water

Water. Everyone needs it. You won't last long without it. And yet, it is easy to overlook having it on hand. During the early months of Covid, it was easy to laugh at those who blindly stocked up on bottled water. The media mocked them endlessly, after all it was a virus, not water born… Continue reading Prepping For Everyday: Water

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What To Plant In Grown Zone 8b In June

Good morning, and First Day of June already! It's time to start thinking about succession crops, but also to start dreaming about fall crops (yes, I realize the irony that we haven't even started summer yet....). But Mother Nature doesn't wait for us. Start planning now for your fall garden means you will be eating… Continue reading What To Plant In Grown Zone 8b In June