The Peculiar Case of the Rooster

At the start of October my oldest came back in, after letting the birds out for the morning. He asked me "You didn't tell me you took in a new bird!". Um...what? I went down and there was a new bird just hanging out. On the edge of our middle coop. He was very, very… Continue reading The Peculiar Case of the Rooster

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Prepping For Early Frosts

Last night was chilly. All it takes is a clear sky at night in October and the temperature drops quickly. While the first frost usually isn't harsh enough to kill off delicate plants like lettuce, it can, and does damage them, so it's time to get them protected. And as a bonus, it will extend… Continue reading Prepping For Early Frosts

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5 Months To Prepare Your Garden

October slips in. The temperature lowers, and quickly we lose daylight on both sides. Summer crops are done and it's easy to go hibernate for the long winter. Or....maybe you don't have a garden yet. And I am here to tell you to not hibernate yet. It's not time to go to sleep yet. Do… Continue reading 5 Months To Prepare Your Garden


September On The Homestead

September was a good month on the homestead overall. We had the typical where it rains once, after a long dry streak of summer, then summer weather came back. At the last week, it cooled off and rain returned. Which is...pretty normal weather! During the summer we had two hens go broody. One hatched 1… Continue reading September On The Homestead


Pumpkin Blondies

The boys wanted a fall inspired treat, so I made them thick, dense and moist pumpkin blondies. They don't need frosting, but a think layer of cream cheese frosting turns it into a more decadent treat. Pumpkin Blondies Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour ½ cup granulated sugar ¼ cup packed brown sugar 1 tsp baking… Continue reading Pumpkin Blondies