Gluten Free Banana Berry Muffins

Gluten-free, lightly sweet, and full of tasty berries these muffins get a nicely moist texture from coconut butter, rather peanut butter or nut butters. Gluten Free Banana Berry Muffins Ingredients: ¼ cup milk (dairy or non-dairy) ½ cup pure maple syrup ½ cup coconut butter 2 ripe bananas 2 large eggs, room temperature 2¼ cups… Continue reading Gluten Free Banana Berry Muffins


Local Adventures: Waterman Shoreline Preserve

We hiked a new local adventure today, the Waterman Shoreline Preserve, that sits between Langley and Clinton on Whidbey Island. The easiest way to reach the trailhead is to head to Ken's Korner on Hwy 525, and just after Les Scwhab, take a left onto Surface Road. Follow it for about a mile, where it… Continue reading Local Adventures: Waterman Shoreline Preserve


Gluten Free Brownies

I have made countless brownie recipes over the years, and this is what I have long been trying for: dense, dark chocolate that satisfies. The brownies are thick, and fudgy but not under baked. It's like getting that perfect mix of cake and fudge together. They slice up easily and taste even more amazing when… Continue reading Gluten Free Brownies


Banana Rhubarb Bread

It's rhubarb season here, and the ruby and green stalks are nearing peak season! This banana rhubarb bread recipe takes about half a pound and adds a really tasty sour bite to the bread. I didn't tell the kids that it was in the bread, and they loved it (then I told them!). Banana Rhubarb… Continue reading Banana Rhubarb Bread

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Spring On The Farm

I won't lie....I have been very, very busy the past month. Not much time to sit down and actually write blog posts. Some weeks I don't turn on my computer more than every 3 days! But that isn't a bad thing, it just means I am busy on the farm, growing plants and produce like… Continue reading Spring On The Farm