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Lower Sugar Lemonade Jelly

Sunshine in a mason jar. The tartness of a cold glass of lemonade, in jelly form. If you love lemon curd, you will love this lighter texture spread! Lower Sugar Lemonade Jelly Ingredients: 2 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice (8 to 10 large heavy lemons) 2 cups water 3 tsp calcium water* 2 cups granulated… Continue reading Lower Sugar Lemonade Jelly

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Lower Sugar Cinnamon Blueberry Jam

There is nothing quite like homemade jam. Nothing from a store will ever be as good. And the bonus can create a jam that has considerably less sugar than normal. You can go as low as ¾ cup of sugar, but I find 2 cups to be about perfect (if making jam with other… Continue reading Lower Sugar Cinnamon Blueberry Jam

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Cold Pack Canned Blueberries

This recipe is open ended to how many blueberries you have on hand. The syrup makes enough for 6 pints. Cold packed blueberries means you can can quickly, but also the berries don't get "cooked" and shrink before you can. I find this recipe suits larger blueberries, such as Chandler (the huge ones bigger than… Continue reading Cold Pack Canned Blueberries

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Honey Spiced Apple Butter

Apple butter is to me what Fall is made of. Apple harvesting and spices filling the house. This apple butter is cooked in apple cider, to deepen the flavors and is lightly sweetened with honey. Recipe adapted from Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. Honey Spiced Apple Butter Ingredients: 6 pounds apples,  peeled, cored &… Continue reading Honey Spiced Apple Butter

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Lower Sugar Pepper Jelly

There is nothing quite like handcrafted pepper jelly, spread on a sandwich in winter. It adds so much depth. Using Pomona's Pectin, and based off their recipe, you can make a lower sugar version quickly. Pomona's Pectin can seem at first to be a bit harder to use, but after a few canning sessions you… Continue reading Lower Sugar Pepper Jelly