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Farm Salsa

Fall is coming, and the tomatoes are ripening like crazy. I was outside picking the other morning in the smoke from the wildfires, that was choking, but I didn't want to lose any produce. I pulled a ton of Walla Walla onions and green bell peppers along with many pounds of tomatoes, and got busy… Continue reading Farm Salsa

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Jalapeno Salsa

Salsa for when the gardens are overflowing, and you want a jalapeno based salsa that makes your mouth happy. And to stash it in the pantry for those long cold nights in winter..... Jalapeno Salsa Ingredients: 10 cups chopped tomatoes 5 cups chopped seeded green bell peppers 5 cups chopped onions 2½ cups jalapeno peppers,… Continue reading Jalapeno Salsa

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Peach Spice Honey Jam

A quick recipe to get a winter's worth of warming jam. Peaches are ripe right now and so tasty. My recipe used 8 peaches, how many you need will of course depend on size. Mine were average size, if you have the jumbo ones, it'll take less. As for the lemon juice, I pick up… Continue reading Peach Spice Honey Jam

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Boozy Raisin Rice Pudding

Preserved raisins are super simple to make, and once prepped, last nearly forever. If you use all your raisins up, just add more to the jar. And if it gets a little low on the booze, just top it. It is that simple. And they take a simple rice pudding over the top, with the… Continue reading Boozy Raisin Rice Pudding

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Dehydrating Green Beans Out Of The Garden

August is the season for picking fresh green beans. Well, at least for us here in the PNW on the islands! Grab a couple pounds in the morning, when it is cool out. While you can dehydrate without blanching, they beans will rehydrate better (faster) if you take the extra step. Dried Green Beans Directions:… Continue reading Dehydrating Green Beans Out Of The Garden