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Prepping: A Collection of Dehydrating Posts

Yes, you can buy food ready to store for your homestead, but if you want it affordable you will grow it yourself. And it simply is just better quality and tastes so much better. But more than that you can customize what you store, especially if you are growing medicinal herbs. Enjoy our collection of… Continue reading Prepping: A Collection of Dehydrating Posts

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Canned Cranberry Orange Compote

A friend shared this recipe, that they had found on Food In Jars. I had found a 2 pound bag of cranberries for a song, and having already canned cranberry sauce was looking for more ideas. I doubled the recipe because if I am going to can, I want it to be worth my time.… Continue reading Canned Cranberry Orange Compote

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Huckleberry Seedless Jam

We grow Evergreen Huckleberries wild on our land - they grow well on the islands in the Pacific Northwest. Our work on our land has in fact led to a huge surge in plants, due to the thinning of the forests (for tree health). Now the huckleberries get what they need: sunlight and rain water.… Continue reading Huckleberry Seedless Jam

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Canning Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce we put up once a year, in the early Fall, when the cranberries start coming in to the stores. It only takes a few minutes more time to can it, and have it ready for the Holidays, and for spreading on sandwiches all year long. Cranberry Sauce Ingredients: 4 cups water 4 cups… Continue reading Canning Cranberry Sauce

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Dehydrating Kiwi Fruit Leather

I don’t often make fruit leather because for the amount of fruit needed and the time required….it honestly is easier to simply buy it. Unless you are seeking out the more unusual flavors! Kiwi is not a fruit leather you will easily find in a grocery store. The recipe is open ended – use what… Continue reading Dehydrating Kiwi Fruit Leather