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Offgrid Homesteading: Installing Water Tanks, Part 2

At our previous home we had spent time into having well-plumbed water tanks, and I wrote about it back in 2017. With our move this year the tanks came with us (when empty they are very light), which took up a lot of space in the moving vans, but hey.....we were not leaving them behind!… Continue reading Offgrid Homesteading: Installing Water Tanks, Part 2

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The Tin Foil Hat Farmer: Maybe We Are Not Crazy

About a year ago I wrote a post on food allergies here, and for it I┬áreceived a lot of hate back from a few who saw the post on social media. This year I spent this weekend at an annual conference for food allergies and social media, and came back angered from comments I read… Continue reading The Tin Foil Hat Farmer: Maybe We Are Not Crazy

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October On The Farm

October was a typical October for farming. Lots of tidying up, final harvests and lots of new projects to do. We got in the garlic (which for me was huge - it was the first seeds in the ground here) and we built the blueberry orchard. Next month I will be working on figuring out… Continue reading October On The Farm

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Creating The Blueberry Orchard

I have always wanted an "orchard" of blueberry bushes, all in nice and tidy rows. Before, at our last house we had 45 or so plants, but they were all over, tucked into corners. While it was a way to have them, it wasn't efficient for growing. I dug up a dozen plants in preparation… Continue reading Creating The Blueberry Orchard