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October On The Farm

October was a typical October for farming. Lots of tidying up, final harvests and lots of new projects to do. We got in the garlic (which for me was huge - it was the first seeds in the ground here) and we built the blueberry orchard. Next month I will be working on figuring out… Continue reading October On The Farm

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Creating The Blueberry Orchard

I have always wanted an "orchard" of blueberry bushes, all in nice and tidy rows. Before, at our last house we had 45 or so plants, but they were all over, tucked into corners. While it was a way to have them, it wasn't efficient for growing. I dug up a dozen plants in preparation… Continue reading Creating The Blueberry Orchard

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Lavender Granola

Who doesn't have at least one pretty Lavender bush? Lavender provides a nice crop yearly - for both edible and aromatic, and food for the bees. Our Lavender bushes are covered in both honey and native bees, from spring to mid fall! Some varieties are better than others for eating, Grosso is often the most… Continue reading Lavender Granola

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How To Grow Food Not Lawns And Make Your Urban Neighbors Happy

Today's ramblings about grow food not lawns come from a Facebook post of a friend awhile back, who talked about her love of green grass. Which, I will give to her: I do get the love of it. But I can't say it upsets me when most of the Pacific Northwest lets their lawns go… Continue reading How To Grow Food Not Lawns And Make Your Urban Neighbors Happy

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September On The Homestead

September had a theme on the homestead: Clearing. We built a perimeter path going about 4 acres in length on the side we hadn't cracked into. Trails were cut, dead alder was taken down.What started as a dead forest, dark as night and no way in, in 30 days now has sunlight pouring in, numerous… Continue reading September On The Homestead