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What Does Green Living Mean?

I have felt for many years that the words "Green Living" are bandied about way too easily. And recently I had a bit of a personal awareness, about both myself and others. And I didn't like what I saw. But what does "Green Living" mean to most people? And how deep do they take it… Continue reading What Does Green Living Mean?

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Urban Farming Books For Reading

While it's hard to find enough time to study and read in summer, I try to get in some time on the elliptical every week. I work out, I get a workout for my mind. These books have been a great help for our continuing education on how to urban farm better. The Urban Farmer:… Continue reading Urban Farming Books For Reading

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Dehydrating Zucchini Chips

Dehydrating is one of our favorite methods for preserving produce. It's quick, easy, and takes up little pantry space when done. Zucchini is a vegetable people run out of ideas on what to use it for, however dehydrating is a great way to have some for the long winter! You will need a mandolin, or… Continue reading Dehydrating Zucchini Chips

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Farm Tool Review: Rogue Hoes

What's the first tools I go for in the fight against weeds? Rogue Hoes. 6" Garden Hoe - 5.5" Field Hoe - When Kirk ordered me these last year, I pretty much rolled my eyes, thinking "how can these be any different from other hoes?" So many tools sold in big box stores fall apart… Continue reading Farm Tool Review: Rogue Hoes