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Canning Dandelion Jelly

Right at the end of the Spring bloom, the first crop of Dandelions have nearly¬†disappeared (oh, they will come back!), so I set the youngest outside to pick a bucket for me. This jelly's hardest work is the picking, and then stripping of the flowers, but it goes fast. Although you might have green and… Continue reading Canning Dandelion Jelly

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Canning Lilac Jelly

Wherever I have lived (if it was a house) there seemed to always be a Lilac Bush nearby. Most were tree like. We had one that was taller than the house, and was covered in white blooms. While we are down to only one here, it is a deep purple lilac. The blooms were late… Continue reading Canning Lilac Jelly

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Handcrafted Maraschino Cherries

I came across the basis of this recipe for making these boozy cherries in Modern Pioneering. I adapted the recipe by making my own grenadine syrup, so I could avoid artificial coloring and corn syrup. The original recipe called for almond extract, I used vanilla to get around the food allergy issue in our home… Continue reading Handcrafted Maraschino Cherries

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Canning Meyer Lemonade Concentrate

Two years ago I bought my first citrus tree, a Meyer Lemon Tree. It wasn't big (in a gallon pot), but I still dropped around $30 for it. Kirk rolled his eyes pretty good (not that you can blame him....). I kept it alive last winter by wrapping it in white frost fabric in my… Continue reading Canning Meyer Lemonade Concentrate