Sunflower Granola

Sunflower Granola Ingredients: 5 cups old-fashioned oats 1½ cups raw sunflower seeds ½ cup ground flaxseed meal ½ cup dark brown sugar ¼ cup pure maple syrup ¼ cup raw honey 2 Tbsp vegetable oil 1 tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp fine sea salt 1 tsp pure vanilla extract Directions: Preheat oven to 350°, lightly… Continue reading Sunflower Granola


Gluten Free Apple Custard Pie

I had never heard of an apple custard pie until recently, when a friend mentioned it on a Facebook posting. I started researching the different takes on making one. Some have the whole pie mixed up and baked, and some like this one, the apples are baked a bit before to release more liquid, then… Continue reading Gluten Free Apple Custard Pie


Instant Pot Sausage & Potato Soup

Once Fall settles in, all I want is soup for dinner. Having an Instant Pot makes that a reality. Being able to put on the soup and walk away, while I do other chores or work, that is a huge timesaver. Serve the soup with some crusty bread and you might be able to suffer… Continue reading Instant Pot Sausage & Potato Soup


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins

Need fall baking inspiration? These quick to pull together blender muffins have a lot going for them: One container to wash. Allergen friendly. Gluten-free. And very kid friendly. The batter is smooth, so children don't guess it is full of hearty oats. They will just see chocolate chips and think it's treat time. Gluten Free… Continue reading Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins

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The Offgrid Thanksgiving Menu

I have been writing recipes for backpackers/hikers/hunters/preppers for the past 15+ years and doing themes is something I like. A few years ago I published a Thanksgiving menu on TrailCooking. Thing is, it is perfect for any offgrid adventure: camping, cabin stays, or getting out over the long weekend. It's also great for using up… Continue reading The Offgrid Thanksgiving Menu