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Pantry Staple Recipes: Dry Cheese Sauce Mixes

Cheese sauce powder is an essential for easy pantry staple recipes. While you can find dry cheddar cheese sauce mix online easily these days, making your own is a snap, and most of know what is going into it ingredient wise. Use these recipes in any recipe calling for dry cheese sauce mix. It's… Continue reading Pantry Staple Recipes: Dry Cheese Sauce Mixes

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Foraging For Rose Hip Tea

One of the things I love in Fall is collecting wild rose hips. If you are early enough you can find them fresh versus dehydrated by the elements. Both are good in their own ways, I just love the intense taste that fresh gives. Spring and Summer bring the heady scent of wild roses, especially… Continue reading Foraging For Rose Hip Tea


Potato Bread For The Bread Machine

The recipe for herb bread makes a 2 pound loaf, perfect for going along with dinner, or for sandwich bread. We use a Zojirushi Bread Machine, that has a 2 pound capacity, but this recipe will work as long as your machine can handle up to 2 pounds. I like my Zoji as it produces… Continue reading Potato Bread For The Bread Machine

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Huckleberry Seedless Jam

We grow Evergreen Huckleberries wild on our land - they grow well on the islands in the Pacific Northwest. Our work on our land has in fact led to a huge surge in plants, due to the thinning of the forests (for tree health). Now the huckleberries get what they need: sunlight and rain water.… Continue reading Huckleberry Seedless Jam


Pantry Staples Banana Bread

A staple in prepping pantry staples might be a large Costco sized box of Bisquick®, but it can end up sitting there if you don't have plans for it. This recipe pulls together quickly and your kids will love it. And who doesn't have over ripe bananas hanging around? Pantry Staple Banana Bread Ingredients: 1… Continue reading Pantry Staples Banana Bread