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Handcrafted Ketchup

Take one family full of kids who love ketchup, and me who forgot to put it on the shopping list. Then add in one massive storm of snow and ice, and we ran out. So I got cooking and made up a batch of handcrafted ketchup. Which tastes so much better, and has an adult… Continue reading Handcrafted Ketchup

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Vegan Coconut Hot Cocoa Mix

Vegan hot cocoa need not be a commercial mix of scary ingredients. You can make up a batch with 3 simple ingredients, and have plenty to have on hand, stashed in a mason jar. Even though we don't follow a vegan diet in our home, I prefer plant-based options whenever I can. I love the… Continue reading Vegan Coconut Hot Cocoa Mix

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Two Backpacking and Prepping Pasta Recipes

A few years back I developed some recipes for a friend who did intensive backpacking trips yearly. He's now a climate scientist with a PhD who specializes in NASA research in Greenland. But then....he was spending his summers exploring Alaska, chasing a never before seen waterfall in the Olympic Mountains (he did find it, plot… Continue reading Two Backpacking and Prepping Pasta Recipes

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Maple Lemonade

Lemonade made with pure maple syrup is a treat to enjoy. Each of the recipes below makes a quart of lemonade, best enjoyed over large glass of ice, sipped slowly. Of course, if you have a sweet tooth you may want the lemonade sweeter. It is not as sweet as commercially made lemonade, and you… Continue reading Maple Lemonade

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In Your Face Morning Mocha

You can have a long-term pantry full of dry products, but you also need to go through them on a steady rate, so you don't waste them. This is a key rule of prepping! But while it can be easy to buy vast quantities, knowing how to use them isn't so easy. This easy to… Continue reading In Your Face Morning Mocha