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Book Review: Finger Knitting Fun

Vickie Howell's new book, Finger Knitting Fun: 28 Cute, Clever, and Creative Projects for Kids, is a god send for me with my middle child. He wants to learn how to knit so badly, and well....if you have read my crafting posts you know I am 10 thumbs with knitting. I can do loom knitting,… Continue reading Book Review: Finger Knitting Fun

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Herbal Hair Rinses For Every Head

If you missed my recent post on making Rosemary Hair Rinse, for brunettes, you might not know how wonderful herbal hair rinses are. They can boost your natural hair color, leave it feeling lighter, cleaner and the smell is amazing. It can allow you to get off of conditioner as well, which often leaves your… Continue reading Herbal Hair Rinses For Every Head

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Rosemary Hair Rinse

At a recent library book sale I came across a copy of The World of Herbs & Spices from 1978. Long ago, before the internet, I found a copy of this at a garage sale and used it to fuel my first dreams of herbalism (and natural soap making), back when I was in my… Continue reading Rosemary Hair Rinse

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Handcrafted Peppermint Coconut Toothpaste

Making your own toothpaste is an easy project to try your hands it. Rich with essential oils and coconut, the smell will wake you up. As for the science behind natural toothpaste, I will let the reader make their own decisions on that one. I don't wear my tin foil hat too tightly 😉 Peppermint… Continue reading Handcrafted Peppermint Coconut Toothpaste