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Canning Meyer Lemonade Concentrate

Two years ago I bought my first citrus tree, a Meyer Lemon Tree. It wasn't big (in a gallon pot), but I still dropped around $30 for it. Kirk rolled his eyes pretty good (not that you can blame him....). I kept it alive last winter by wrapping it in white frost fabric in my… Continue reading Canning Meyer Lemonade Concentrate

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Apple Maple Butter

The Holidays are nearly you have leftover apples? This is the perfect time to process them, while it's cooler outside and the days are short. Apple Maple Butter Ingredients: 7 pounds apples, preferably natural/feral or organically grown 1¼ cups pure maple syrup 6 Tbsp fresh lemon juice (about 2 large) ¼ cup filtered water… Continue reading Apple Maple Butter


Apple Cider

Apple Cider Ingredients: 12 cups fresh pressed apple cider Directions: Fill two large pots and a small saucepan with water about half-full each. Bring the small pot to boil, take off heat. Start heating the two large pots over medium heat. Wash 6 pint canning jars, rings and new lids plus a canning funnel and… Continue reading Apple Cider

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Our Favorite Jam Recipes

If you love the taste of summer in winter, making jam is the way to go! Nine of my favorite recipes to check out, from our sister site. Spiced Orange Plum Jam Honey Plum Jam Small Batch Strawberry Jam Seedless Blackberry Jam Small Batch Bumbleberry Jam Blueberry Jam Spiced Strawberry Jam Spiced Peach Jam Small… Continue reading Our Favorite Jam Recipes


Canned Apples with Cherries & Golden Raisins

I adapted this recipe from page 160 of Ball Complete Book of Preserving. It is a different take on canned apples, instead of the traditional plain simple syrup and apples. The harvest from our two year-old Honeycrisp tree was good this year! Canned Apples with Cherries & Golden Raisins Ingredients: 8 pounds tart apples, peeled… Continue reading Canned Apples with Cherries & Golden Raisins