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Gardening: When Your Mind Just Knows

The other day, I was out working on our homestead and went to do greenhouse chores when my mind clicked. I felt a mental push: it was time to start putting bamboo poles in the tomato plants. It was a strong push in my mind. The oldest starts were getting taller, and while supported as a group, if I were to separate the plants, they would start to lean. So, it was time to get them supported!

Yesterday afternoon, Facebook showed me “memories.” One was from last year when I had just started organizing tomato plants and putting in the bamboo poles.

Funny. Our memories will push us without realizing it’s the same day every year!

Last year, how the greenhouse looked. I had a section of larger tomatoes in the same sunny corner as I do this year.

I did note that my most miniature plants were smaller last year than this year (this photo is from the 28th of last year). So this is a better year for growing in some ways. It was colder last spring, so I still had more plants inside (they are outside this year, hardened off).

The biggest tomatoes always seem to migrate to the sunny corner. It’s just how I work; the photos confirm how I operate year in and out. Photo from yesterday.

I didn’t have enough pepper plants; I was unhappy with myself; I only had 13. I’ll be honest; I buy pepper starts. I have far more success with starts than seeds, especially as it buys me a few extra weeks of growing time in our cooler grow zone. So I went today and picked up a couple more red bell pepper plants, which I will pick up later today. I’ll bump up the numbers when I have time. I will grow them in 5-gallon buckets in the greenhouse until June when I will put them out along with the tomatoes. I leave them in the buckets to bring them inside in early September, where they will keep producing until the days get too short in late fall.

There are still many smaller plants, but as the days lengthen, they grow quickly. Soon, they will all need their support. We currently have 90 tomato plants; last year, we had 106. I have around another ten bonus starts to pot up later today (when after potting up a tomato start, I grew from seed, and an extra plant or two pops up.. I carefully transplant them into a gallon pot, and they quickly catch up).

My advice is: when your mind pops and pushes you, listen to it! It’s probably the right time to do what your mind is suggesting.