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Cold Pack Canned Blueberries

This recipe is open ended to how many blueberries you have on hand. The syrup makes enough for 6 pints. Cold packed blueberries means you can can quickly, but also the berries don't get "cooked" and shrink before you can. I find this recipe suits larger blueberries, such as Chandler (the huge ones bigger than… Continue reading Cold Pack Canned Blueberries

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September On The Farm

September. The month of rain. That was the theme. It also cooled off very quickly. No Indian Summer this year. The blue skies opened up and dumped this past month. It's true damage was the tomatoes. I had a feeling it would happen this year and I was very proactive on picking tomatoes as soon… Continue reading September On The Farm


You’ll Have Those Days

....When nothing sounds better than to be living in a condo, surrounded by miles of pavement. Sunday and Monday it rained about an inch in 36 hours. For the island, in the Olympic Rainshadow, that is a lot of water to deal with (it would be like 3" of rain on the mainland). We had… Continue reading You’ll Have Those Days


We Built A Shop And Learned So Much

When we bought our property in early 2018 it came with no garage nor shop. Well, we had it all planned out. We'd build a shop. I mean, how hard could that be? (Start laughing now....) We figured it would take time, but we didn't expect it would take 17 months and 4 days from… Continue reading We Built A Shop And Learned So Much

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August On The Farm

It's been so busy that I sat down today and realized it was already halfway through September. And the start of the third week of school for the boys. August slipped by quickly. I showed up a couple times at the South Whidbey Tilth Farmers Market. With freshly dried herbs from our farm. I really… Continue reading August On The Farm