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The Garden Roundup: What Grew, What Failed

Summer 2020 was interesting to say the least. Spring was as I have talked about it before....long, cold, dreary and wet. I came into January feeling disillusioned, and I waited till March this year to start my seedlings. I was consumed with watching the news from outside the US and wondering what would happen. I… Continue reading The Garden Roundup: What Grew, What Failed

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Root Cellar Soup

This summer has been hard for growing (it's been cool since spring, with just a few days of truly warm weather and we had a lot of rain into mid summer), but a couple items have grown well: Potatoes, onions, and garlic. All of which store well in root cellars, leading to long term recipe… Continue reading Root Cellar Soup

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The Pandemic Poultry Story

You ever wake up and freak out that YOU MUST HAVE CHICKENS NOW or life will be off kilter? That was me in March of this year. It just clicked into my mind that we needed to make a decision quickly and quit sitting on the fence about farm animals. I contacted my egg lady,… Continue reading The Pandemic Poultry Story

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Late Summer Potatoes

Just because it is August 3rd doesn't mean you cannot keep planting new crops. You still have many weeks of good warm weather filled with the sun here in the PNW. All of August and often the first 3 weeks of September. If your kitchen or pantry has red, yellow, white, blue potatoes* that look… Continue reading Late Summer Potatoes

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It’s Time To Plan Fall Crops

It's crazy to look at the calendar and see July 21st and think "We need to get planning for fall", but alas, this is the week to get going. If you are in a temperate area, zones 7 to 8, you will want your fall crops in the ground or in seed pots by first… Continue reading It’s Time To Plan Fall Crops