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Science On The Go

In one of the overgrown forest sections on our land, we have spent the past few months opening it up. What was once dense, dark as night, with no breeze is now open, light and airy. We pulled up the tree branches to about 8 feet up and took out all the saplings free growing,… Continue reading Science On The Go

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Dealing With Microclimates

At our old house, in Maple Valley, Wa, our grow zone was considered 8A. However, I treated it as a 7B due to late freezes in early spring. Where we live now, in Freeland, Wa, it is zone 8A. So same zone, right? You can have it on paper that it is, but microclimate… Continue reading Dealing With Microclimates

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Growing Alpine Strawberry Plants From Seed

Finding a hobby you love is a cool thing. Especially one you had no idea you would love. I've always loved growing strawberry plants, for as long as I can remember, but I had never tried growing from seed. Most growers of strawberries don't grow their own plants, it's considerably easier to buy bare-root plants… Continue reading Growing Alpine Strawberry Plants From Seed


May On The Homestead

May on the homestead was a good month for weather and growth of plants. We had a hot streak for a week, that really ramped up the plants, then it settled into a nice high 50's to low 60's for the rest of the month. The little Lilac tree, that looked barely alive when we… Continue reading May On The Homestead

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Turning Fields Into Growing Land

When asked what we are doing to our land, my answer is modern homesteading. Converting back fallow fields to farmland, but using modern gear to get the job(s) done faster, and easier. When we bought our property this past winter, we went into it knowing it had a lot of work ahead for us. It… Continue reading Turning Fields Into Growing Land