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Low Tech Processing Honey Out Of Frames

In our previous home we kept honey bees, and I wrote about our bee keeping often. The winter before we moved to the island, our colonies collapsed due to an attack from predatory yellow jackets. With us busy getting ready to move, and feeling very blue over losing our hives, we took out the frames… Continue reading Low Tech Processing Honey Out Of Frames

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Rebuilding A Bed

Last year I grew much of our food in one bed, that Kirk had carved out for me. Due to it being on virgin land (and island land is "special", depending on where you live on it, it can be pure sand, a mud bog or hard pack like we have), this land had to… Continue reading Rebuilding A Bed


April On The Farm

April was busy. Between schooling the boys and getting far too many farm projects done, the month slipped by far too quickly. We brought home 12 ducklings at the end of march. How can you say no to such cuteness? Seedlings grew in the greenhouse.... The little ducklings grew so fast. The ducks were well… Continue reading April On The Farm

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March On The Farm

Lets just say it up front. March sucked and was a trying month. I kept positive thoughts though, and the spring weather made it a lot easier on my mental health as the month wound down. One area I had battled was wether or not to do production for the farmers market in spring. I… Continue reading March On The Farm

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The Survival Garden

What is the one thing you should be doing right now? That would help with anxiety, boredom and isolation? Getting a gardening area ready for spring. No matter where or how you live. Where there is a will, there is a way. Gardening is in our DNA, no matter where we come from. You may… Continue reading The Survival Garden