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March: Garden Tasks and Planning

March....comes in wet in the PNW, and leaves with Spring happening. Probably still wet though. This year so far the rain has been good for us in the Olympic Rainshadow. The zone we use for our homestead is 8b. March will have longer hours of light (we cross 11 hours of daylight in March), and… Continue reading March: Garden Tasks and Planning

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Dealing With Cold Snaps

Living in the temperate zone of 8b in the Pacific Northwest, we face rain and wind a lot more than we do cold snaps. But every year we usually see a vicious week or so of cold, often coming down from Canada, out of the Fraser River Valley. This week one is starting up, so… Continue reading Dealing With Cold Snaps

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Hamama Microgreens Growing Set Review

Let's leave it at this: I am a sucker for Instagram and Facebook ads. I'll see something and think about, take a look. Maybe I don't buy it then, but I may come back later on round 2 or 3 of ads. When I first saw an ad for the Hamama Microgreens growing sets, I… Continue reading Hamama Microgreens Growing Set Review

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Starting Seeds In Pots

My go to method for starting seeds has changed over the years, which isn't shocking. A lot of gardening is learning what works and what doesn't. For me, I want my methods to work, and to be sustainable. In that the pots will last year after year and not crack. That alone changed most of… Continue reading Starting Seeds In Pots

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Easy To Grow Perennial Herbs

No matter where I have lived, I have always had herbs growing. Even in dismal cramped apartments I found ways to have life near me. It is what the hippies would have called Earth Grounding. That you can easily touch a living plant, and feel right with the world, inside or outside. Now then, I… Continue reading Easy To Grow Perennial Herbs