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5 Gallon Bucket Growing

With our cold and wet spring (and seriously...we had a wind storm last night into this morning that was winter like) I have been looking for options for peppers and some tomatoes to be able to grow protected, and to hopefully increase the crop production numbers. Bell peppers do grow here on Whidbey Island, Wa,… Continue reading 5 Gallon Bucket Growing

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Whidbey Island Gardening: The Cool Spring

It's been a cool spring this year. And a wet one, depending on which end of Whidbey Island you live on. We live outside of Freeland, in the Olympic Rainshadow, so we get far less than say Oak Harbor in the far north, or Langley, farther south (it gets quite a bit more as it… Continue reading Whidbey Island Gardening: The Cool Spring

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The Emergency Garden

It's the end of March, and the news is filled with doom and gloom every day. Maybe you have never grown food before, and suddenly feel the need to do it. Or you have, but not recently. Gardening can help control anxiety from news of inflation and food shortages by giving you something beneficial to… Continue reading The Emergency Garden

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March Crops To Plant

As the month of March clips by fast, much of the country is approaching Spring this coming week, Sunday, March 20th this year. The daytime temperatures are warming up for those of us in the Pacific Northwest in the valleys and on the islands in the Salish Sea, we are a month to the last… Continue reading March Crops To Plant

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Building A Garden Quickly

In a recent talk I gave on gardening I brought up the value of raised beds in a garden. If you are thinking about growing a garden for food security or for having fresh produce as soon as possible this spring, raised beds will get you going without the months of prep needed for in… Continue reading Building A Garden Quickly