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Adding Value To Farm Produce Sales

I was talking with a fellow attendee from last summer's profitable market gardening workshop in Kelowna, B.C., and he asked me how did I add value to sales at our farm this past summer. If you are in an area with a lot of farms, and a lot of the same items for sale, you… Continue reading Adding Value To Farm Produce Sales

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April On The Homestead

March was a blur for me. It was buying, selling, and moving homes. I got so little done. But April I started the month overwhelmed, and slowly found my way. It started rainy, and ended rainy. And in the middle we actually had some nice, if very windy, days. It feels odd to leave the… Continue reading April On The Homestead

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Making A Compost Bin From Wood Pallets

When we lived in our previous town, finding wood pallets was very hard. There was such a high demand for them - so many people doing Pinterest projects, and a lack of stores giving them away. The few stores with wooden pallets often charged for them. So, when I was thinking of ideas for making… Continue reading Making A Compost Bin From Wood Pallets

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Building Fenced Gardens For Berries

As we come to our first month on the new homestead I still have a ton of boxes to put away, pictures to hang and a groove to find, but I can at least say I have completed another farm project for the homestead. While I haven't seen them yet, there is plenty of evidence… Continue reading Building Fenced Gardens For Berries

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Reclaiming Overgrown Garden Beds

As we moved into our new place, I felt overwhelmed on many levels. Where do you even start, when it is ALL overgrown? To put it bluntly, the owners had done no maintainance for years outside, no matter what tales they spun during the sale (which, yes, we knew). My theory says it had been… Continue reading Reclaiming Overgrown Garden Beds