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April: Garden Tasks and Planning

I find it interesting how many people say in April "I wanted a garden, but I missed the time to plant" and I you haven't. In growing zones 7 to 8, we won't cross the last frost date till in April (for us it is April 15th). We have so much time left, if… Continue reading April: Garden Tasks and Planning

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Jiffy Starting Trays Review

While I normally don't buy the tray setups sold in late winter/early spring at garden centers, this year we picked up a number of Jiffy products to try out. The tray system comes with a tray (the base), a clear plastic lid that acts as a mini greenhouse, and peat pellets that expand to form… Continue reading Jiffy Starting Trays Review

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Working On The Homestead

February was a relatively normal February as it goes. A mostly mild winter month, with a couple days of snow and a week of low temperatures to pause nature. As I worked on setting up the portable pop up greenhouses in the orchard bed, the two dawrf hens (V and Gray Grey) popped in to… Continue reading Working On The Homestead

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March: Garden Tasks and Planning

March....comes in wet in the PNW, and leaves with Spring happening. Probably still wet though. This year so far the rain has been good for us in the Olympic Rainshadow. The zone we use for our homestead is 8b. March will have longer hours of light (we cross 11 hours of daylight in March), and… Continue reading March: Garden Tasks and Planning

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Dealing With Cold Snaps

Living in the temperate zone of 8b in the Pacific Northwest, we face rain and wind a lot more than we do cold snaps. But every year we usually see a vicious week or so of cold, often coming down from Canada, out of the Fraser River Valley. This week one is starting up, so… Continue reading Dealing With Cold Snaps