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The Lazy Homesteader Revisits Garlic Growing

I have mentioned before how bad this year (2023) was for growing garlic. It was a couple things for us I feel. The long, cold spring into early summer didn't help. So lets get to the backstory first. Garlic is always a 2 year project for nearly everyone growing it. You plant the "seed" in… Continue reading The Lazy Homesteader Revisits Garlic Growing

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The Fleeting Season of Medicinal Flowers

The past few weeks every time I was in the gardens - or out on walks in the woods, if I saw flowers popped up, I was picking them. This is a yearly thing for me, in late summer as we approach fall. I played it right, and got a lot picked before the rains… Continue reading The Fleeting Season of Medicinal Flowers

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August On The Homestead

August started off like July. Colder than normal, where if it did heat up, the nights were well under 60*. Chilly for the plants. Some thrived well, some didn't. Eventually we got a week of heat mid month, which helped the harvest later on. I finally after YEARS got white Burbank blackberries. But they just… Continue reading August On The Homestead

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Fall Gardening: Sow Right Seeds Fall Sale

If you see gardening as a 3 to 4 month time period, you are missing out on the fun months. The months where it is cooler, not baking in sun. Where we live in the PNW, we can actively garden from often March to November, and if we put in extra time, we can extend… Continue reading Fall Gardening: Sow Right Seeds Fall Sale

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Building A Strawberry Cage

I'd not have built a strawberry cage when we lived in town. I can only imagine what our neighbors (and the HOA) would have had to say. But there comes a time when in rural life you must come to terms with caging your treasures. And you just use what you have on hand, and… Continue reading Building A Strawberry Cage