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August On The Farm

It's been so busy that I sat down today and realized it was already halfway through September. And the start of the third week of school for the boys. August slipped by quickly. I showed up a couple times at the South Whidbey Tilth Farmers Market. With freshly dried herbs from our farm. I really… Continue reading August On The Farm


Faux Meat: The Modern Day Margarine?

With every announcement from the manufactures of faux meat I sigh a bit more (sometimes inwardly, often - too often - ranting on Facebook), mostly perplexed that faux meat is somehow a good thing to consume. With KFC announcing yesterday a new vegan fried chicken being tested, coming from Beyond Meat, I just cringed even… Continue reading Faux Meat: The Modern Day Margarine?

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Handcrafted Pasta Sauce

I found this recipe via a package of Sweet Roma Pasta Sauce Mix from Ball/McCormick, which is highly overpriced at $2.49 a card. You get the dried spices and a recipe card, that is it, for that price. You can easily replicate this at home, however, I don't process the tomatoes like the card calls… Continue reading Handcrafted Pasta Sauce

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Spicy Salsa

I adapted the recipe for this salsa out of the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, on page 203 (Fresh Vegetable Salsa). I don't like cumin or fresh cilantro, but otherwise I followed the recipe. The recipe doesn't call for salt, so you may want to taste it before canning and adjust as needed. Spicy… Continue reading Spicy Salsa

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Pear and Cherry Jam

I had found a great deal on red pears and had so many I decided to make jam with them. Added in some ripe Bing cherries, for a vibrant jam. This is a low sugar jam using our favorite Pomona's Universal Pectin. Pear and Cherry Jam Ingredients: 6 cups pears* 2 cups bing cherries* ½… Continue reading Pear and Cherry Jam