No Yeast Bagels

I had been seeing recipes for "no yeast" or "2 ingredient" bagels out there, and had to try them for myself. I've made actual water bagels many, many times over the years so I do have experience with it. I wondered would these just taste like biscuits? Rolls? Or would they actually mimic bagels. The… Continue reading No Yeast Bagels


Fresh Lemon Curd

Maybe you have never had lemon curd in your life. I pity you. Or maybe you have had it a high tea but it came out of a jar bought at a store....and all I can say is worth the time and expense to make real lemon curd at home. You will wonder how… Continue reading Fresh Lemon Curd


Deer Lagoon Grange 846 First Annual Fundraiser Tea Party

As a farmer, a gardener, a homesteader, one who teaches the nearly lost arts and skills of food preservation, seed saving, sewing and so much more....belonging to the The Grange is a part of my life I love. Being surrounded by those who wish to preserve the old ways. I grew up visiting Grange Halls… Continue reading Deer Lagoon Grange 846 First Annual Fundraiser Tea Party


Thrive Life Spring Sale and More

Tomorrow, April 19th (Tuesday) is the Spring Sale for Thrive Life. To access the sale tomorrow, click here, then on "Shop", then on "Spring Sale". Quantities are limited and items will sell out. If you are into food security, you might want to take a look and check it out. What's on sale? Check out… Continue reading Thrive Life Spring Sale and More

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Spring Settles In On The Homestead

Kirk and I took a vacation for 11 days in Mexico and got home a week ago. I jumped right into back on the homestead the morning after we got back. We had so much to plant, seed and weed. It was spring break for the boys, so it worked out well to put in… Continue reading Spring Settles In On The Homestead