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Lower Sugar Pear Jam

I had various pectin brands around the house, so I decided to make a quick batch of pear jam, that was lower sugar (if you make traditional jam with grocery store pectin, it can be 7 cups sugar for a batch, this way I only used 3 cups. Which was still high for my taste,… Continue reading Lower Sugar Pear Jam


Rye Caraway Bread

I was trying to figure out a rye bread that was both soft but had the flavor I was searching for. I was looking for inspiration online, and was rather scared at some of the ingredients. I saw both instant coffee powder and cocoa powder used to give the brea "the dark color" you see… Continue reading Rye Caraway Bread


Reviewing Thrive Life Country White Dough Mix

I try to always use what I purchase for our long-term pantry at least once - so I'll know wether or not it is worth buying more of. Because what good is it to have a pantry full of food you hope to never have to eat? (See here for a recent review on our… Continue reading Reviewing Thrive Life Country White Dough Mix

Essential Oils · Herbalism

Forest Diffusion Blend

The smell of a forest in early fall, when summer is gone but the cold of winter has not yet shown up. One to lift the spirit with, to relax with. Forest Diffusion Oils: 8 drops Cedarwood essential oil 5 drops Bergamot essential oil 3 drops Juniper Berry essential oil 1 drop Eucalyptus essential oil… Continue reading Forest Diffusion Blend

Freeze Drying · Prepping · Preserving

Packing Your Freeze-Dried Items Like The Pros

It's National Preparedness Month - and part of that is getting emergency food ready. I had a goal for a long time, and it was to be able to pack my freeze-dried meals & ingredients in commercial grade bags, where I could seal the bags for long-term storage, with the ability to have a zipper… Continue reading Packing Your Freeze-Dried Items Like The Pros