Chocolate Buttercream Sandwich Cookies

Years ago, I made these cookies, but our youngest was still allergic to eggs at the time. He can eat eggs now, and when I want to make cookies, we enjoy having our hens' eggs in them. These are hand-sized filled cookies filled with homemade buttercream. Think of them like a huge handcrafted Oreo, and… Continue reading Chocolate Buttercream Sandwich Cookies

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The Garden Dilemma: To Use Coco Coir Or Not

A few weeks back, I attended a ladies' night at a local hardware store. A couple of vendors came out to talk about their products. Even after years of growing and making my own soil, I learned something new. That was highly troubling to me. Fox Farm products, both soil and fertilizers. Fox Farm's rep… Continue reading The Garden Dilemma: To Use Coco Coir Or Not


Vintage Recipes: Swiss and Bacon Squares

The inspiration for this recipe came from a vintage recipe card: Figuring out when the recipe came out? Not so easy. Finding the booklet it came out of, "The Bisquick No Time to Cook Summer Recipe Book, Volume III," isn't easy to find, though I saw remarks of a 1980 edition; maybe the mid to… Continue reading Vintage Recipes: Swiss and Bacon Squares


Peach Oats

Cooked oats on the stovetop are a quick breakfast. It took me about 10 minutes to make Kirk and me a hearty breakfast. I used freeze-dried peaches in this recipe to give it the chewy flavor/texture I enjoy. The oats are plant-based and vegan, as well, if that is something you care about. Peach Oats… Continue reading Peach Oats


Baking Bread : Swiss Sensation Loaf

Vintage recipes are always "interesting" to try out. The biggest is the little information you get from the tiny recipe card companies published long ago. This was brought to you by SARAN WRAP (must be in all capitals, right?). As always, I muddled my way through the recipe, using my years of baking skills to… Continue reading Baking Bread : Swiss Sensation Loaf