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September On The Farm

September. The month of rain. That was the theme. It also cooled off very quickly. No Indian Summer this year. The blue skies opened up and dumped this past month. It's true damage was the tomatoes. I had a feeling it would happen this year and I was very proactive on picking tomatoes as soon… Continue reading September On The Farm

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Honey Spiced Apple Butter

Apple butter is to me what Fall is made of. Apple harvesting and spices filling the house. This apple butter is cooked in apple cider, to deepen the flavors and is lightly sweetened with honey. Recipe adapted from Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. Honey Spiced Apple Butter Ingredients: 6 pounds apples,  peeled, cored &… Continue reading Honey Spiced Apple Butter


Instant Pot Lentil Soup

I'll be honest....I have never had much of a love affair with lentils, no matter how many times I tried new ways to eat them. From long ago days of eating at the Hippy Hut™ (the local food co-op in college....hah!) to so many ways in our years eating vegan. I simply could not get… Continue reading Instant Pot Lentil Soup


You’ll Have Those Days

....When nothing sounds better than to be living in a condo, surrounded by miles of pavement. Sunday and Monday it rained about an inch in 36 hours. For the island, in the Olympic Rainshadow, that is a lot of water to deal with (it would be like 3" of rain on the mainland). We had… Continue reading You’ll Have Those Days

Preserving · Recipes

Lower Sugar Pepper Jelly

There is nothing quite like handcrafted pepper jelly, spread on a sandwich in winter. It adds so much depth. Using Pomona's Pectin, and based off their recipe, you can make a lower sugar version quickly. Pomona's Pectin can seem at first to be a bit harder to use, but after a few canning sessions you… Continue reading Lower Sugar Pepper Jelly