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Dehydrating Kiwi Fruit Leather

I don’t often make fruit leather because for the amount of fruit needed and the time required….it honestly is easier to simply buy it. Unless you are seeking out the more unusual flavors! Kiwi is not a fruit leather you will easily find in a grocery store. The recipe is open ended – use what… Continue reading Dehydrating Kiwi Fruit Leather

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Dehydrating Green Beans Out Of The Garden

August is the season for picking fresh green beans. Well, at least for us here in the PNW on the islands! Grab a couple pounds in the morning, when it is cool out. While you can dehydrate without blanching, they beans will rehydrate better (faster) if you take the extra step. Dried Green Beans Directions:… Continue reading Dehydrating Green Beans Out Of The Garden

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Dehydrating Pasta and Grains

Taking the time to cook and dehydrate pasta and grains when you have down time (winter is a great time to do this), lets you fill your pantry with nearly instant go-to foods that only need to rehydrate to eat. Not having to cook pasta when the power is out conserves water AND fuel. These… Continue reading Dehydrating Pasta and Grains

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Grass Roots Meat Box Review and Making Beef Jerky

Grass Roots Meat Box is a monthly subscription box of grass-fed beef, pasture raised poultry and more. You pick what you like and need, and it comes shipped to you monthly. When we eat meat (and we don't eat a lot of it) I am picky with what we buy. However, it can be hard… Continue reading Grass Roots Meat Box Review and Making Beef Jerky

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Dehydrated Marshmallows

A fun treat for children is dehydrating mini marshmallows. It’s a lot cheaper than buying the tiny Kraft ones (if you can even find those), in the grocery store. Spread a bag of mini marshmallows on a couple of dehydrator trays, separating as much as you can. Some brands are stickier than others. Dry at… Continue reading Dehydrated Marshmallows