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Pantry Staples: Powdered Egg Replacer

For a number of years we baked without eggs, as our youngest was allergic to chicken eggs. It's not an uncommon allergy in children, but fortunately is one of the few food allergies that can go away as a child ages. He was fortunate, and it did go away. But for about 6 or so… Continue reading Pantry Staples: Powdered Egg Replacer

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Sewing A Bread Bag

When I was younger I sewed constantly. I went from sewing tops I sold on Shakedown Street at Grateful Dead shows in the early 90's as a reaction to Grunge music, to creating Medieval and Renaissance outfits where a dress could be 15 yards of fabric, custom sewn. Then it went in to backpacking and… Continue reading Sewing A Bread Bag

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Handcrafting Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candle making is an open ended craft. Make as little or as much as you have need for. Use what containers you like or have around. And best of all, it requires no experience or deep learning to make a rustic light for the upcoming Winter Solstice. No need to add scents, beeswax candles… Continue reading Handcrafting Beeswax Candles

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Egg Carton Seedling Trays

While we don't home school in the way most think of, we believe in adding in as many side projects to widen what our children learn. Gardening is a great homeschooling project, for all ages. It teaches science, biology and most of all....patience, while they wait for the seeds to germinate, sprout and grow. And… Continue reading Egg Carton Seedling Trays

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Holiday Gift Making: Cedar and Rosemary Soap

Handcrafted gifts can be a fun way to show your love to family and friends - and you can use a few cheats to make it simple and easy. Cedar and Rosemary Soap has a deep woodsy scent, that works for both men and women. If you dislike floral, this is the one for you.… Continue reading Holiday Gift Making: Cedar and Rosemary Soap