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Building an Herb Pantry

Over the years, every summer and early fall I always harvest both herbs I grow, and local ones I can sustainably harvest (for example Nettles), and I dry them to preserve for use all year, to build a herb pantry. For example, I always stock up on Thyme, Rosemary, Sage and so on. Nothing from… Continue reading Building an Herb Pantry

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Facial Spot Toner Rollerball Recipe

Facial spot toner rollerball is an easy way to help control breakouts, blemishes and acne, both on the face and body. Make one for each family member, and keep tucked in a drawer in the bathroom, for use before bedtime. Facial Spot Toner Rollerball Ingredients: 1 10 ml rollerball Witch hazel 5 drops lemon essential… Continue reading Facial Spot Toner Rollerball Recipe

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Herbal Hair Rinses For Every Head

If you missed my recent post on making Rosemary Hair Rinse, for brunettes, you might not know how wonderful herbal hair rinses are. They can boost your natural hair color, leave it feeling lighter, cleaner and the smell is amazing. It can allow you to get off of conditioner as well, which often leaves your… Continue reading Herbal Hair Rinses For Every Head

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Rosemary Hair Rinse

At a recent library book sale I came across a copy of The World of Herbs & Spices from 1978. Long ago, before the internet, I found a copy of this at a garage sale and used it to fuel my first dreams of herbalism (and natural soap making), back when I was in my… Continue reading Rosemary Hair Rinse