Beef and Sweet Potato Skillet

Winter comfort food. There is something about one pot meals that make the soul happy, on the cold evenings in winter. Even our youngest boys loved this skillet dish, and we served it with the gluten-free waffles I posted earlier this week. Simplicity. And any leftovers go great in an egg scramble the next morning.… Continue reading Beef and Sweet Potato Skillet

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Crispy and Airy Gluten Free Waffles

This recipe came out of a need to replace the expensive gluten-free waffles our youngest eats. With Alistaire's food allergies it is very hard to find convenience items he can eat safely. Frozen waffles are easy to slide into the shopping cart, but run $3 to 4 (or more) per box, for 6 to 8… Continue reading Crispy and Airy Gluten Free Waffles


Ranch Dressing Dry Mix

Looking for healthier alternatives to dry mixes? Salad dressing is a great start. Dry mixes (and premade) contain a wide range of cheap oils, sweeteners and questionable thickeners. It's easy to make your own and have it on hand in the pantry for a quick solution. Ranch Dressing Dry Mix Ingredients: 2 Tbsp dried parsley… Continue reading Ranch Dressing Dry Mix

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About 6 years ago I was convinced at a Costco road show to buy a Vitamix 5200 high-speed blender. It wasn't a cheap purchase, but I can say that of the few expensive kitchen tools I own, I have never regretted buying it. For certain things, nothing touches it ability to pulverize food. It makes… Continue reading Hummus