Sugar Free Vanilla (Nilla) Wafer Cookies and Sugar Free Pudding

Craving banana pudding with 'nilla wafers? But you want to keep it sugar-free? With a little work and baking you can have all the fixings on hand. Typically I'd make a big bowl of banana pudding loaded with wafer cookies, this time I made a deconstucted pudding, where you make both items and serve the… Continue reading Sugar Free Vanilla (Nilla) Wafer Cookies and Sugar Free Pudding


Mocha Frappe Homemade Dry Mix – Pantry Staples

I love making frappes in the morning, but if you look at commercial mixes, you might not be happy. From the amount of sugar, to the thickeners, and odd ingredients used, it can get scary. Sugar-free ones exist commercially, but most contain Aspartame (Nutrasweet). I prefer not to consume that sweetener. There is one brand… Continue reading Mocha Frappe Homemade Dry Mix – Pantry Staples


Sugar Free Eggnog

In a world of sugar free and keto products, you'd think you would find sugar free eggnog in grocery stores. Yet, I haven't ever seen it. You can get it lactose free, almond milk, coconut milk, even oat milk based. But they all contain a lot of sugar, and most often, it is high fructose… Continue reading Sugar Free Eggnog


War Cake

I had never had this recipe until I met my husband and his mother shared it with me. It was a Great Depression Era/WWII bread recipe. In their family they call it Aunt Hulda's Yum Yum Bread, and it's baked in bread pans. I was trying to make it sugar-free, because frankly, while it is… Continue reading War Cake

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Canning Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce

In fall we put up cranberry sauce, when the cranberries start coming in to the stores and are fresh, but also affordable. It only takes a few minutes more time to can it versus just making a large batch, and have it ready for the Holidays, and for spreading on sandwiches all year long. This… Continue reading Canning Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce