Before the pandemic period, we sold at local farmers markets and other markets. We sold a line of handcrafted soaps, dried herbs, salves, balms, lip balms and more. When Washington State shut everyone down, I quit selling because all I was allowed to sell was soap. In the past 2 years most markets dried up, or masks were required.

We have 4 soap types, all are large bars, between 4 and 5 ounces each. They are made in a tree nut-free facility and contain coconut, safflower, and palm oils. They contain no artificial coloring and are scented with essential oils. Each bar comes with a full ingredient list.

Each bar is priced at $5.

Oatmeal Honey Orange Soap. 2 shapes to choose from (Oatmeal or a Bee Hive Round).


Grape Salt Scrub Soap.

Lavender Soap.

Cinnamon Oat.