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Essential Oil Recipe Box Review

Recently I had the fun of trying out the Essential Oil Recipe Box, from Simply Earth. The monthly subscription box comes with an assortment of essential oils, recipes and supplies to produce 5 to 6 items with your box each month!

April’s box is about cleaning. Open the windows and let Spring in! (Well….maybe not quite opening windows here yet…but at least it will smell like Spring here!) 4 essential oils, 2 metal spray bottles, recipes and some neat cleaning cloths, which I actually needed new ones. Bonus there…..

I had been waiting for a few months to try out Simply Earth’s essential oils. Their packaging is very nice. I love the paper boxes. The bottles fit in perfectly, and don’t move at all. The inner box slides out, like an old style match box. However, take note their oils are for external use only. This doesn’t mean the oils are not “worthy” or anything. I don’t personally use essential oils internally. Two of the larger companies in EO sales promote internal use of some oils (and higher prices seem to go with this/they are also MLM business styles)…wether or not you do this is up to you, I have chosen to not.

Their prices also are realistic: they are priced at a fair rate, so more can enjoy them. For example, this bottle retails at $8.95. A bottle of Aura Cacia retails for $8.59, putting it in a similar range for price. However, compared to dŌTERRA, which is $19.00 wholesale and $25.33 retail, you can see how much more affordable brands such as Simply Earth are. And no gimmicks. Buy what you need, when you want. Without any pressure. 

They have a great price on a cute 6 pack of oils in a wooden box, for $40, including shipping as well, if you are just getting into oils, or want a great gift to give.

We made up a bottle of ‘Natural Room Spray’, a quick recipe infused with lemon and cinnamon essential oils. The recipe was one small spritzer bottle to which you added 10 drops lemon and 5 drops cinnamon and top with water, preferably distilled water. Seal and shake before use.

This box has 6 recipes to choose from.

FTC Disclaimer: We received a complimentary box for potential review.