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Finishing The Intermediate Herbal Course by Herbal Academy

This past week I finished and got my certificate in the Intermediate Herbal Course from Herbal Academy. Finishing it meant I had completed the Family Herbalist Path.

Online Intermediate Herbal Course

It was a long course, and taking it over the spring and summer months didn’t help it go fast. I worked on it at night, when I had chances, and farming wasn’t overwhelming me. Fall gave me a lot more free time with the children back in school (and no farm chores to eat up my days!). This isn’t a light reading class, and I’d say it really pushed me mentally. It was hard. When I was young, and in school, I wasn’t a very good student. My mind tended to wander. Honestly, I’d say it was because the studies didn’t hold me. Education I want to learn at, I do well with.

I took the Introductory Herbal Course in the start of the year, to see how I liked it.

Online Introductory Herbal Course

The course stuck a harmony in me, and left me wanting to take more. I learned more how my body works, than I had thought I might know in my life. It also opened up my eyes to why our youngest son’s body works the way it is, and ways I can help him with his issues. If anything, I took the schooling to learn ways to help the family.

I am continuing to learn, and am taking the Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management Course currently. Stress is always something I can work in, with 3 children and a farm to run. It’s a short course, and a great way to see if one likes Herbal Academy’s methods and presentation.

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After that? I don’t know yet, but I am leaning towards finishing my courses and taking the third course in the entrepreneur path. It would complement my work in handcrafted body products, one of the main reasons I started my herbalist training.

Online Entrepreneur Herbal Course

The learning has been amazing though. I have gained more confidence in what herbs to choose, and how to use them and when. If anything, I make amazing herbal teas now.

During the summer, when I was having studying burnout, I took the short course, Herbal Materia Medica, and picked up the paper journal to go with it. It gave me time to force myself to sit down outside and study the herb plants our farm. My drawing might have a long way before I’d show it to anyone, but well, at least I am trying!

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Each course they offer comes with PDF printouts, which I print and put in binders for future research. The many recipes shared in the courses I have in their own binder. From teas, tinctures, salves, and even food/drink recipes, I have so many I have been using.

Someday, I will have a working apocathary¬†area on our farm for our use, where I can store my course binders and books for easy use. It’s a life goal. I’d love to have a small shop where my products are featured, with a work area for me, for doing research. A girl can dream.

But for now, back to my studies.