April On The Farm

April was busy. Between schooling the boys and getting far too many farm projects done, the month slipped by far too quickly.

We brought home 12 ducklings at the end of march. How can you say no to such cuteness?

Seedlings grew in the greenhouse….

The little ducklings grew so fast.

The ducks were well past a week old when we brought them home, and after a couple weeks in the house, in the spare bathtub, they needed room. We moved them out to the shop.

I was trying to think of box ideas and saw a “dog house” online that was obvisouly a deck box converted…and well, we owned one. Kirk drilled some holes, I covered them in hardware cloth, and then he cut an entrance, that he filled with foam. Easy open to clean out!

First peas!

Growing, growing!

I had to move the ducks…because the chickens hatched and I needed to come get them. They came home at 3 days old. Good thing I have that spare bathtub……

The berry bed is where the plants go to finish and harden off – behind fences.

We finally had time to get back to the upper field and start chipping the massive piles of wood we had hauled out of the back forest. The back forest is finally coming into getting where it needs to be.

One big project was draining and moving the second water tank. It is now up on the lower hill, under the Giant Maple Tree. This gives us gravity for watering. We refilled the tank off of tank 1, and are filling tank 1 back up with the last rains of the year.

First potatoes coming up.

Plants going to a new home.

And as the month wound down, the little chicks grew….