Rural Life For The Win

If you were to listen to the media, rural life is a backwards way of living and outside of Covid, no one wants to live there, or live the life.

But I’d say Covid has proved the elitists wrong. People do crave the old ways, even when they don’t realize it. And for here, on Whidbey Island, it was all about a rural county fair. One that is tiny in a normal year, a product of the old days.

The Whidbey Fair was on for the year, announced in late Spring, after being shut down in 2020. It was one of the few things ramped up for 2021, but no one had a clue it would be so popular.

Heading off to volunteer at the fair, got all my patriotic gear on….I spent my time just reveling in being around others, and feeling community once again. The fair was packed. It would get even busier as the days went by and people heard about it. Some drove from the far north of the island, over 40 miles away, to attend. Some came from off island. What I saw were so many children and teens, reveling in the old days.

Fairs have always been about agriculture, as have Granges. I grew up in rural areas where Granges were still active. The local Deer Lagoon Grange on Whidbey Island put on an amazing display this year (it won the Superintendents Ribbon!).

I lent a number of my canned items to be used in the display, along with other women. Community is everything.

Seeing my canned goods there……alongside so many other peoples hard work. It was a wonderful moment.

It made my summer. It left me feeling so happy.

The Grange also hosted once again the critter builder, where kids (and young at heart) can build whatever they dream up with produce.

From cars….

To apple bats.

I vant to suck your…..produce?

The fair was just so much fun this year. Next year the boys and I will do a lot more. I was just happy to be able to participate.

And to see that people crave the simpler life.